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2010, June 5th Chatlog: Guild Interest Weekend

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(06/05 21:08:51) Chat.log started...
(06/05 21:08:52)  GoMe Marten: Well, the main point here is just to get groups and groups to talk about what they've been doing.  This community is notorious for dividing into little groups and working on things.  This is a chance to let others know what's going on.
(06/05 21:08:53) Marcus Wheeler chuckles
(06/05 21:09:06)  Marcus Wheeler: Sure, I'd be glad to give it a shot
(06/05 21:09:08) Cennie claps her hands
(06/05 21:09:09)  Pokemon71096: Oh really?
(06/05 21:09:10)  Megan Eldred: Is this where our 'guild' stands?
(06/05 21:09:27)  Pokemon71096: goME i have a question!
(06/05 21:09:31)  Cennie: lol
(06/05 21:09:35)  Allan White: Ask it.
(06/05 21:09:39)  Methis: Lol, I think it's free seating :)
(06/05 21:09:46)  Pokemon71096: How do you write an age?
(06/05 21:09:54) Gabby laughs
(06/05 21:10:02)  OHBJECTION!: Pokemon, see the guildofwriters.com website
(06/05 21:10:05)  Luna(nne): well we are the wrong guild
(06/05 21:10:07)  OHBJECTION!: this is not a class :)
(06/05 21:10:08) Pokemon71096 is not joking
(06/05 21:10:09)  Allan White: That's a GoW question...
(06/05 21:10:10)  Methis: Only with the Ink and the Paper, using the Art, haha
(06/05 21:10:13)  Pokemon71096: Thanks
(06/05 21:10:28)  Ladydi2: if it was up to me I would charge for seats if they have any
(06/05 21:10:29)  face in puddle man: q
(06/05 21:10:34)  Allan White: If you're short of ink, you can also use Blender.
(06/05 21:10:34)  Megan Eldred: Lol di
(06/05 21:10:37)  GoMe Marten: Everyone, this is Marcus, who is pretty much the person who started the Guilds Fair event :)
(06/05 21:10:44)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Blender works best. =)
(06/05 21:10:47) Allan White cheers
(06/05 21:10:48) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 21:10:51)  Cennie: hello Markus
(06/05 21:10:51) Kaelis Ebonrai cheers
(06/05 21:10:51)  Marcus Wheeler: Heh, hey everyone.
(06/05 21:10:51)  Pokemon71096: Really? go marcus!
(06/05 21:10:55)  face in puddle man: so its his fault
(06/05 21:10:59)  Cennie: oops Marcus
(06/05 21:11:02) Marcus Wheeler chuckles
(06/05 21:11:10)  Pokemon71096: marcus what guild are you?
(06/05 21:11:13)  Ladydi2: please to meet you Mr Wheeler
(06/05 21:11:20)  Marcus Wheeler: I'm with the Maintainers, Pokemon.
(06/05 21:11:24)  Gabby: The one we will thank im sure lol
(06/05 21:11:28)  Pokemon71096: Gratzi.
(06/05 21:11:33)  Methis: I personally prefer 3D Studio
(06/05 21:11:38)  Ladydi2: me too
(06/05 21:11:41)  OHBJECTION!: Alright...let's move it along. Which Guild is going first?
(06/05 21:11:46)  Exemplary: This is the most people I have ever seen in one age at the same time
(06/05 21:11:48)  Methis: Then again, the last time I used Blender, it was incredibly unstable
(06/05 21:11:50)  Marcus Wheeler: I'm just going to apologize ahead of time in case I botch this up... heh.
(06/05 21:11:58)  Ladydi2: I just named my first Guild
(06/05 21:12:01)  Luna(nne): I can also advise a chair and desk
(06/05 21:12:04) face in puddle man claps his hands
(06/05 21:12:09)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Methis: we've been working on Ages in blender for the past 4 and a half years or so
(06/05 21:12:12)  Marcus Wheeler: Marten told me there's been a lot of rumblings with Subterranian Restorations.
(06/05 21:12:22) Cennie nods her head
(06/05 21:12:23)  Pokemon71096: Guild number 1... Guild OF RObots! come here Ohbot!
(06/05 21:12:27)  Professor Clarke: Indeed. I need to head out soon. Kingsley wants a meeting about Reanodoyha.
(06/05 21:12:31)  Marcus Wheeler: Professor, would you like to talk a bit about what SR has been doing this past month?
(06/05 21:12:40)  Professor Clarke: I can.
(06/05 21:12:43)  Allan White: Okay, let's take the same order as the last time. GoMa!
(06/05 21:12:49)  Pokemon71096: Is SR its own guild?
(06/05 21:12:51)  face in puddle man: go prof
(06/05 21:13:01)  Domna: Yes go on
(06/05 21:13:02)  Luna(nne): it is a group pokemon
(06/05 21:13:05)  Ladydi2: can you use chat please
(06/05 21:13:07)  Pokemon71096: Gracias.
(06/05 21:13:16)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Ladydi - no.
(06/05 21:13:21) OHBJECTION! is using URU BabelBot...                                   
(06/05 21:13:23)  GoMe Marten: OK.  First up then, Professor Clarke, on behalf of Subterranean Restorations.
(06/05 21:13:28)  Domna: Well professor
(06/05 21:13:29) Kaelis Ebonrai claps his hands
(06/05 21:13:30)  Allan White: Pokemon, please raise your hand if you have a question from now on, ok?
(06/05 21:13:30) Pokemon71096 cheers
(06/05 21:13:36) Methis claps his hands
(06/05 21:13:37)  Pokemon71096: Sorry.....
(06/05 21:13:43) Professor Clarke waves hello
(06/05 21:13:46)  Allan White: It's /askquestion.
(06/05 21:13:48) Cennie waves hello
(06/05 21:13:51) Allan White waves hello
(06/05 21:13:52) Domna waves hello
(06/05 21:13:52)  Domna: hello
(06/05 21:13:53)  Pokemon71096: wave
(06/05 21:13:56) Pokemon71096 waves hello
(06/05 21:13:57)  Gabby: Shorah
(06/05 21:14:19)  Professor Clarke: Okay. This month has pretty much been the teams getting back up and running, but we do have some interesting areas we're working on.
(06/05 21:14:31) Kaelis Ebonrai smiles broads.
(06/05 21:14:35)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *broadly
(06/05 21:14:40)  Domna: We are curious to hear your comments
(06/05 21:15:06) Pokemon71096 wants to ask a question...
(06/05 21:15:07)  Professor Clarke: We had begun survey work on the Remin District, a small primarily residential district on the cavern wall
(06/05 21:15:19)  Pokemon71096: Oh that answered it
(06/05 21:15:39)  Professor Clarke: It is that district in which our museum of art is located, which Blake is leading the restoration on.
(06/05 21:15:40) Cennie nods her head
(06/05 21:15:42)  GoMe Marten: [Let's please let Mr. Clarke speak, and if he has time for questions at the end, he may let us all know.]
(06/05 21:15:56)  Domna: i agree
(06/05 21:16:02) face in puddle man claps his hands
(06/05 21:16:02)  Pokemon71096: Sure.
(06/05 21:16:04)  Professor Clarke: I would continue, but a lot of the details are sketchy at this point. For more information and updates, check out subrest.net!
(06/05 21:16:30)  Professor Clarke: We should have areas open to the public within the next month os sor, assuming everything goes well.
(06/05 21:16:34) Professor Clarke bows
(06/05 21:16:39) Allan White claps his hands
(06/05 21:16:40) Cennie claps her hands
(06/05 21:16:42) D'Ana cheers
(06/05 21:16:43)  Ladydi2: HorHAY
(06/05 21:16:43) Methis claps his hands
(06/05 21:16:44) Luna(nne) claps her hands
(06/05 21:16:44) Pokemon71096 cheers
(06/05 21:16:44)  Dra'gossh: next month?
(06/05 21:16:46)  Marcus Wheeler: Hehe
(06/05 21:16:47) Domna claps her hands
(06/05 21:16:47)  Dra'gossh: holy ****
(06/05 21:16:50)  Dra'gossh: can't wait
(06/05 21:16:50) Ladydi2 claps her hands
(06/05 21:16:51) Dra'gossh cheers
(06/05 21:16:52) Exemplary does a dance
(06/05 21:16:53) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 21:16:56) Methis cheers
(06/05 21:16:56)  Ladydi2: may I have my pub
(06/05 21:17:01)  Luna(nne): can I ask a question?
(06/05 21:17:06)  Professor Clarke: Sure
(06/05 21:17:08) warrior26 waves hello
(06/05 21:17:11)  Dra'gossh: is "opening to the public" what I think it is?
(06/05 21:17:27)  Luna(nne): can you join in for a smal amount of work?
(06/05 21:17:33)  Professor Clarke: That was Kingsley, I need to get out if I value my posterior..
(06/05 21:17:36) Pokemon71096 wants to ask a question...
(06/05 21:17:48)  face in puddle man: excuse my ignorance but how do we access these places
(06/05 21:17:52)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Clarke: I've heard whisperings of a place called Damar, in a friend's twitter post.. Is there any chance of telling us about that?
(06/05 21:17:55)  Ladydi2: at this point I would value anything
(06/05 21:17:57)  Dra'gossh: yeah, that is what I want to know
(06/05 21:17:59)  Dra'gossh: face
(06/05 21:18:10) Methis wants to ask a question...
(06/05 21:18:12) Cennie nods her head
(06/05 21:18:20)  Marcus Wheeler: Any questions about accessing these areas we can probably address in private at the end of the meeting.
(06/05 21:18:21)  Professor Clarke: We may be provding individuals with access to our areas. Damar would be the library, the hub of where thosel inks would be located.
(06/05 21:18:36)  Domna: No head
(06/05 21:18:38) Cennie claps her hands
(06/05 21:18:41)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Thank you, Clarke.
(06/05 21:18:50) Gabby cheers
(06/05 21:18:50)  Domna: Clap hands
(06/05 21:18:53)  Professor Clarke: Thank you all. See you around!
(06/05 21:18:54) Kaelis Ebonrai claps his hands
(06/05 21:18:57) Kaelis Ebonrai cheers
(06/05 21:18:59)  Cennie: thank Sir..
(06/05 21:19:01) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 21:19:01) Cennie claps her hands
(06/05 21:19:01)  face in puddle man: thanks prof
(06/05 21:19:03)  Ladydi2: WOW this is so excited
(06/05 21:19:03)  GoMe Marten: Thank you!
(06/05 21:19:04) Methis claps his hands
(06/05 21:19:04)  Marcus Wheeler: Thank you, Clarke. Nice to see you again.
(06/05 21:19:06)  Allan White: Methis had a question, hadn't he?
(06/05 21:19:07)  OHBJECTION!: pokeman, use public chat not PM
(06/05 21:19:08) Domna claps her hands
(06/05 21:19:08)  Domna: hands
(06/05 21:19:09)  Pokemon71096: Will these areas include info?
(06/05 21:19:11)  Methis: Yes, I did
(06/05 21:19:15)  Pokemon71096: bye
(06/05 21:19:16)  face in puddle man: and thanks for visiting my bevin
(06/05 21:19:22) TomVal is using URU BabelBot...                                   
(06/05 21:19:25)  Pokemon71096: Dang too late
(06/05 21:19:38)  Megan Eldred: Yeah methis had a question
(06/05 21:19:38) OHBJECTION! is using URU BabelBot...                                   
(06/05 21:19:42)  Allan White: Gone. Who's next?
(06/05 21:19:49)  Methis: Yeah, but Clarke's left :)
(06/05 21:19:52)  Methis: So..
(06/05 21:19:58)  Marcus Wheeler: Methis, PM me your question in a KI-mail later. I can forward it to Clarke.
(06/05 21:20:05)  face in puddle man: is this just role playing?
(06/05 21:20:08)  Methis: Right, okay :)
(06/05 21:20:14)  Kaelis Ebonrai: actually..
(06/05 21:20:17)  Allan White: Maintainers, get on stage please.
(06/05 21:20:23)  Pokemon71096: Can i doo the same marcus? i have a question..
(06/05 21:20:24)  Marcus Wheeler: Heh...
(06/05 21:20:26)  Kaelis Ebonrai: You can ask Blake directly.
(06/05 21:20:27)  Gabby: I do not think so
(06/05 21:20:27)  Marcus Wheeler: Sure
(06/05 21:20:31)  Pokemon71096: Thx.
(06/05 21:20:38)  Ladydi2: why is Frank on stage
(06/05 21:20:40)  Ladydi2: ROTFL
(06/05 21:20:43)  Kaelis Ebonrai: You can ask OHBot for B. Heatly 's KI number.
(06/05 21:20:49)  Ladydi2: is he sleep walking
(06/05 21:20:55) OHBJECTION! cheers
(06/05 21:20:59) Gabby laughs
(06/05 21:21:03)  Marcus Wheeler: Pretty strong Maintainer showing...
(06/05 21:21:09)  Kaelis Ebonrai: He's turned off his KI at the moment... but... he'll be around.
(06/05 21:21:11)  Megan Eldred: Haha
(06/05 21:21:14)  Marcus Wheeler: . . .
(06/05 21:21:16)  GoMe Marten: Marcus, sounds like your own group is being called for to talk next :)
(06/05 21:21:20)  Ladydi2: wait till you see my Bevin
(06/05 21:21:22)  Ladydi2: ROTFL
(06/05 21:21:33)  Marcus Wheeler: Uh... wow, this keeps getting more and more awkward...
(06/05 21:21:38) Marcus Wheeler waves hello
(06/05 21:21:42) Kaelis Ebonrai waves hello
(06/05 21:21:43) Kaelis Ebonrai cheers
(06/05 21:21:43)  Luna(nne): shall we try to keep the talk central, please?
(06/05 21:21:44) Allan White waves hello
(06/05 21:21:44) Gabby waves hello
(06/05 21:21:44) Cennie waves hello
(06/05 21:21:47) Domna waves hello
(06/05 21:21:47)  Domna: hello
(06/05 21:21:48) Methis waves hello
(06/05 21:21:57) Pokemon71096 waves hello
(06/05 21:21:58) Dra'gossh waves hello
(06/05 21:22:04) D'Ana waves hello
(06/05 21:22:10)  Marcus Wheeler: Hey everyone, I guess I'm the sole representative for the Maintainers this afternoon...
(06/05 21:22:24) Pokemon71096 feels bad for Marcus
(06/05 21:22:25) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 21:22:27)  Domna: Night it is here
(06/05 21:22:28)  Marcus Wheeler: First, if anyone has any general questions about the Guild, feel free to ask now.
(06/05 21:22:53)  Pokemon71096: Yes, i do marcus.
(06/05 21:22:55)  Dra'gossh: how would I go about joining GoMa?
(06/05 21:23:10)  Marcus Wheeler: Dra, I'll address you first.
(06/05 21:23:15)  Dra'gossh: thanks :)
(06/05 21:23:36)  Gabby: Will the guilds be similar to the ones that where in uru on game tap a few years ago?
(06/05 21:23:37)  Marcus Wheeler: If you find your way to the guild forums ((www.guildofmaintainers.org)), you can register to talk on the site.
(06/05 21:23:59)  Megan Eldred: Me too
(06/05 21:24:02)  Marcus Wheeler: After that, if you wish to actually join the Guild, all you must do (at this point in time) is send a PM to a very nice woman named Jishin on the site.
(06/05 21:24:19)  Dra'gossh: gotcha
(06/05 21:24:26)  Marcus Wheeler: Apart from her, I can't remember if others (like Dot or andylegate) can grant you member status. I'll check on that tonight.
(06/05 21:24:28) Gabby cheers
(06/05 21:24:38)  GoMe Marten: I can address Gabby's more general question after Marcus is done answering questions about the Maintainers guild.
(06/05 21:24:40)  Dra'gossh: thank you for the info!
(06/05 21:24:42)  Marcus Wheeler: Now Pokemon, you had a question?
(06/05 21:24:47)  Pokemon71096: Wait we need more that a shirt to join a guild?
(06/05 21:24:52)  Gabby: Ok thank you
(06/05 21:24:53)  Dra'gossh: yes :)
(06/05 21:24:54)  Megan Eldred: Lol
(06/05 21:24:55) Marcus Wheeler chuckles
(06/05 21:24:59)  Pokemon71096: Ohhh
(06/05 21:25:03)  Domna: Yes one does
(06/05 21:25:05)  Marcus Wheeler: To actually take part in Guild "work" yes
(06/05 21:25:23)  Pokemon71096: Im gonna register with the writers later.
(06/05 21:25:28) Marcus Wheeler just remembered he has a pile of linking books back on his desk he needs to go through
(06/05 21:25:49) Dra'gossh is friending Wheeler so he can use his linking books
(06/05 21:25:51)  Marcus Wheeler: Heh, so did you still have a question, Pokemon?
(06/05 21:25:54)  Cennie: If you need any help Sir, we'll be glad to help!!
(06/05 21:26:33) Cennie nudges Dra..
(06/05 21:26:36)  face in puddle man: so how do you 'work'?
(06/05 21:26:41)  Pokemon71096: Oh sorry yes i do
(06/05 21:27:05)  Marcus Wheeler: I'll discuss your question, face, when I get to talking about the GoMa's work this past month.
(06/05 21:27:06)  Pokemon71096: Are there any new ages you plan to "approve" soon
(06/05 21:27:17)  face in puddle man: ok fella
(06/05 21:27:31)  Marcus Wheeler: Heh, like I said, I have at least one or two "new" Ages that I need to get in and write reviews for.
(06/05 21:27:48)  Pokemon71096: Oh ok
(06/05 21:27:54) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 21:27:58)  Marcus Wheeler: But barring any real problems, you should find those notes of mine on the GoMa forums by the end of this week (pending other workloads).
(06/05 21:28:09)  Luna(nne): so what have you been up to last month?
(06/05 21:28:22)  Cennie: Can you tell us anything about the "new" ages?
(06/05 21:28:26)  Marcus Wheeler: Myself personally, not a whole lot. Though I have tried to keep up on Guild events.
(06/05 21:28:44)  Marcus Wheeler: Sorry Cennie, the Ages that were sent in for review... I haven't visited yet.
(06/05 21:28:56) Cennie nods her head
(06/05 21:29:02)  Marcus Wheeler: From what I can garner, things have still been a little slow on the "work" end.
(06/05 21:29:14)  Marcus Wheeler: A lot of what we have to do depends on assistance from Cyan.
(06/05 21:29:14)  Cennie: any reason why?
(06/05 21:29:28)  Cennie: ahh..
(06/05 21:29:32)  Marcus Wheeler: ((Until the game goes OS, we can't really take an "active" role in doing work with the Writers of new Ages))
(06/05 21:29:35)  Cennie: question answered..
(06/05 21:29:46)  Marcus Wheeler: ((For the record, these brackets are for OOC topic discussion))
(06/05 21:30:05)  Ladydi2: Thank you Cennie
(06/05 21:30:18)  Marcus Wheeler: Andy has been posting a few new methods and techniques for improving Age creation. I highly suggest all interested parties look through those.
(06/05 21:30:32) Cennie nods her head
(06/05 21:30:37)  Marcus Wheeler: As of right now, though, there isn't a whole lot to report of that hasn't been done by other Guilds.
(06/05 21:30:43)  Luna(nne): they can eb found on the goma forum?
(06/05 21:30:52)  Luna(nne): *be
(06/05 21:30:55) TomVal wants to ask a question...
(06/05 21:30:56)  Marcus Wheeler: Yes Luna, under Age Creation Tutorials
(06/05 21:31:02)  Marcus Wheeler: Yes, Tom.
(06/05 21:31:14) Cennie continues to scribble..
(06/05 21:31:24)  TomVal: Do you consider accessibility of new Ages too?
(06/05 21:31:40)  Marcus Wheeler: I'm not quite sure what you mean.
(06/05 21:31:46)  Ladydi2: where would I send my Graphic design to if needed
(06/05 21:32:06)  Marcus Wheeler: Do you mean to say if we look at an Age's ability to be visited and enjoyed when we review it?
(06/05 21:32:18) Domna is amazed!
(06/05 21:32:30)  TomVal: yes
(06/05 21:32:51)  Marcus Wheeler: Well, of course, one of our big points in Age review is to ensure that what was meant to be accessible is accessible.
(06/05 21:32:59)  Ladydi2: no I mean if I recieve a idea and I put that to work, where would I send this to
(06/05 21:33:03)  Marcus Wheeler: In the same vein, if we're able to get places we shouldn't, we make that a note.
(06/05 21:33:33)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Uh...
(06/05 21:33:38)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Can I ask something, Marcus?
(06/05 21:33:47)  Marcus Wheeler: ((Again, however, without Drizzle, most of our work is limited)).
(06/05 21:33:51)  Marcus Wheeler: Yes, Kaelis
(06/05 21:33:51)  GoMe Marten: Re: Gabby's (and face-in-puddle-man's) general questions from earlier... there are a number of guilds and groups set up in the Myst/Uru community.  Some of these are guilds who received pubs in 2007 (GameTap, Myst Online "Season One".  And though we "roleplay" by suggesting that our guilds and groups are "researching d'ni history" or "writing Ages", the groups are very real and perform some real activities.)  [Sorry, had this typed out and needed to say it, gotta deal with a PM]
(06/05 21:33:52)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Uh...
(06/05 21:34:08)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Ok, why can you not take an active role with the Guild of Writers?
(06/05 21:34:16)  Kaelis Ebonrai: We're writing Ages now, even.
(06/05 21:34:17)  Marcus Wheeler: Hmm?
(06/05 21:34:20)  Domna: i cannot read so quick
(06/05 21:34:30)  Marcus Wheeler: Heh... I'm afraid I don't speak for the Writers.
(06/05 21:34:43)  Pokemon71096: kaelis are you a writer
(06/05 21:34:46)  Gabby: Thank you for info
(06/05 21:34:51)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Yes, but, you said you cannot currently take an active role, as the maintainers...
(06/05 21:35:00)  Marcus Wheeler: Oh, yes.
(06/05 21:35:03)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Are maintainers testing Ages currently?
(06/05 21:35:04)  face in puddle man: thank you gome
(06/05 21:35:14)  Marcus Wheeler: ((Our tools are limited to using old software modifiers))
(06/05 21:35:18)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Old?
(06/05 21:35:21)  Kaelis Ebonrai: No...
(06/05 21:35:25)  Ladydi2: who is the top person for these Ages is it you or someone about you
(06/05 21:35:27)  Kaelis Ebonrai: We are using Blender..
(06/05 21:35:32)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Not 3dsmax
(06/05 21:35:35)  Marcus Wheeler: ((By use of a tool called "Drizzle," we can access an age created to use in Uru:Complete Chronicles))
(06/05 21:35:35)  Ladydi2: oops obove
(06/05 21:35:39)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Or at least, /most/ of us are not.
(06/05 21:35:47)  Marcus Wheeler: ((Not all people have Uru:CC))
(06/05 21:35:53)  OHBJECTION!: So are you using Drizzle in the GoMa?
(06/05 21:35:59)  Pokemon71096: ((ya, like me))
(06/05 21:36:01) <sniffle> Megan Eldred is sad
(06/05 21:36:05)  Kaelis Ebonrai: That is their choice, however, why is Drizzle a bad thing, Marcus?
(06/05 21:36:10)  Marcus Wheeler: ((So it is difficult to do a lot of "work" because not all people have a copy of Uru:CC, and thereby, they have no way to test their own Ages))
(06/05 21:36:27)  Marcus Wheeler: ((I neither endorse or refute the use of Drizzle, as Cyan has made their position clear))
(06/05 21:36:32)  Dra'gossh: are you in talks with Cyan regarding that?
(06/05 21:36:34)  Pokemon71096: Question!
(06/05 21:36:40)  Kaelis Ebonrai: They have done far from that, Marcus
(06/05 21:36:44)  Methis: ((What is the objection to 3D Studio, beyond that it's not free?))
(06/05 21:37:00)  Marcus Wheeler: ((This is not a place for me to argue Cyan's point, Kaelis))
(06/05 21:37:00)  Pokemon71096: (( is uru:cc the only way to do that?))
(06/05 21:37:04)  Kaelis Ebonrai: As they have not supplied any method of testing Ages, without the use of Drizzle, they may as well be endorsing it.
(06/05 21:37:24)  Marcus Wheeler: ((From what's been said, we cannot test Ages in MOULa, and "modifying" Uru:CC is illegal due to the ToS))
(06/05 21:37:28)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Especially with the knowledge that that is the only way to test...
(06/05 21:37:30)  Lontahv: Piracy is one of the problems with Cyan's plugin.  There is no legal way to get the software.
(06/05 21:37:37)  Kaelis Ebonrai: It is not illegal.
(06/05 21:37:50)  Kaelis Ebonrai: (modding ucc, i mean)
(06/05 21:37:58)  Dra'gossh: it's breaking the TOS, really
(06/05 21:37:59)  Marcus Wheeler: ((Again, you'll have to ask RAWA for explicit terms of what their stance is))
(06/05 21:38:04)  Dra'gossh: which yes, it's not illegal
(06/05 21:38:05)  Domna: Who is checking the security, the maintainers too???
(06/05 21:38:09)  Pokemon71096: ((what is TOS?))
(06/05 21:38:13)  Dra'gossh: it's a breach of contract
(06/05 21:38:15)  Luna(nne): (unrelated to this interesting talk: is my computer making weird noises or is someone accidentally pushing on the tab-key. I would like to know)
(06/05 21:38:17)  OHBJECTION!: TOS = Terms of Service
(06/05 21:38:18)  Lontahv: Indeed, however, using Cyan's tools currently requires getting 3dMax.
(06/05 21:38:34)  Marcus Wheeler: ((All I know is, people should spend less time worrying about legalities and encouraging Cyan to release tools to test Ages legitimately))
(06/05 21:38:34)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Is it, however, a legally enforcable contract, dra'gossh
(06/05 21:38:35)  Kaelis Ebonrai: ?
(06/05 21:38:44)  Dra'gossh: might be, I don't have any clue
(06/05 21:38:45)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Legitamately?
(06/05 21:38:45)  Marcus Wheeler: ((They've done more already than most companies would, we must simply be patient))
(06/05 21:38:52)  GoMe Marten: ((Officially, we are supposed to all be waiting for Cyan to set up a test server.  Until that is available, the accessible methods by which to test Ages remain in "grey areas"; Cyan has made clear that discussion of importing ages into Uru:CC is not permitted on their forums, so whether you think it's illegal or not is really a moot point.)
(06/05 21:38:55)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *legitmately?
(06/05 21:38:56)  Dra'gossh: but Cyan probably doesn't care about Drizzle
(06/05 21:39:07)  Dra'gossh: and modifying Uru:CC
(06/05 21:39:08)  Marcus Wheeler: I'm sorry to the person who I missed a question
(06/05 21:39:18)  Marcus Wheeler: Text is flowing by very quickly, would you care to repeat?
(06/05 21:39:19)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Their forums are not where any discussion takes place... however, so why do we care?
(06/05 21:39:35)  Marcus Wheeler: Kaelis, this dicussion has gone far from a simply question of what the GoMa has done this past month.
(06/05 21:39:40)  OHBJECTION!: So what this boils down to is: You'd like to support the Guild of Writers but you don't want to enter a gray area. Is that correct?
(06/05 21:39:44)  Marcus Wheeler: For the sake of others with questions, I'm going to end the discussion here.
(06/05 21:39:59) Domna claps her hands
(06/05 21:40:02)  Marcus Wheeler: ((We simply do not have access to a lot of Ages, because people need Uru:CC to actually make and test them))
(06/05 21:40:10)  OHBJECTION!: ok
(06/05 21:40:12)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Then why are you saying you test Ages, then?
(06/05 21:40:14)  Marcus Wheeler: ((That is all I meant when I said we can't work as efficiently as we wanted))
(06/05 21:40:22)  GoMe Marten: I can try to type out voice questions, so they are part of the log, if there is someone who needs to use voice.
(06/05 21:40:28)  Domna: i don't understand that but nevertheless
(06/05 21:40:37)  Christian Walther: Why is not having Uru:CC an obstacle? Is it hard to get?
(06/05 21:40:42)  Marcus Wheeler: ((The discussion as a whole, is a gray area))
(06/05 21:40:53)  Kaelis Ebonrai: its $5, chrisitan
(06/05 21:40:55)  Marcus Wheeler: ((If you don't have Uru:CC, there's no way you can "legally" test an Age at this time))
(06/05 21:40:58)  Lynnutte: '
(06/05 21:41:03)  Marcus Wheeler: Any other questions?
(06/05 21:41:07)  Kaelis Ebonrai: shards are /also/ legal.
(06/05 21:41:13)  Kaelis Ebonrai: But, that is neither here nor there.
(06/05 21:41:16)  Lontahv: UruCC is legal.
(06/05 21:41:19)  GoMe Marten: One of the bigger issues with Uru:CC is that it doesn't work correctly on a lot of modern computers.
(06/05 21:41:19)  Gabby: Thank you marcus
(06/05 21:41:21)  Domna: i think it is hard to get
(06/05 21:41:22)  Marcus Wheeler: Any other questions?
(06/05 21:41:25)  Luna(nne): just let  it drop for now
(06/05 21:41:28) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 21:41:34) Domna claps her hands
(06/05 21:41:34)  Kaelis Ebonrai: It works /fine/ on modern computers, marten.
(06/05 21:41:38) Marcus Wheeler scratches the back of his head
(06/05 21:41:48)  Marcus Wheeler: Nothing at all?
(06/05 21:41:59)  Lontahv: Marten> I have a computer from last fall with the newest everything running Windows7 x64 and uruCC works fine.
(06/05 21:42:09)  Marcus Wheeler: Alright then, while we're on the subject, I'll turn things over to the Writers.
(06/05 21:42:11)  GoMe Marten: Kaelis> Both of our statements are correct; it does work fine on /some/, but not /all/, and I am correct when I say /many/.
(06/05 21:42:20)  Luna(nne): yeah but if the goma likes the way they work now we should respect that I think
(06/05 21:42:21)  face in puddle man: is this turning into a punch up?
(06/05 21:42:22) Pokemon71096 says "oy" and wishes he never got into this guild business
(06/05 21:42:24)  Marcus Wheeler: ((Please people, this is a discussion for private means, not during a Guild Fair))
(06/05 21:42:28)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I declare you are incorrect, Marten
(06/05 21:42:29)  Marcus Wheeler: ((Please go to the forums over this))
(06/05 21:42:37)  Kaelis Ebonrai: What forums, Marcus?
(06/05 21:42:38)  Lontahv: Marten> I think it probably is more likely to work on a new computer than an old one.
(06/05 21:42:51)  Marcus Wheeler: ((Either MOUL or GoW or GoMa. Or e-mail RAWA like I suggested))
(06/05 21:43:01)  OHBJECTION!: Alright...GoW - get up there!
(06/05 21:43:13)  Kaelis Ebonrai: you /know/ moul forums don't allow it, and RAWA isn't going to talk about it.
(06/05 21:43:20)  Canine: What's happening.
(06/05 21:43:25)  Marcus Wheeler: Kaelis, please let the topic go.
(06/05 21:43:29)  face in puddle man: chill chaps
(06/05 21:43:29)  Marcus Wheeler: For now, at the least.
(06/05 21:43:31)  Luna(nne): there is a all guilds meeting
(06/05 21:43:49)  Luna(nne): and now it is the writers turn
(06/05 21:43:54)  Canine: Okay. Never been to one of these.
(06/05 21:43:56) Domna claps her hands
(06/05 21:43:57) Pokemon71096 cheers
(06/05 21:43:58) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 21:43:59)  Canine: Hey, I'm a writer.
(06/05 21:44:01) Marcus Wheeler claps his hands
(06/05 21:44:04) Allan White claps his hands
(06/05 21:44:08) Ella Guru claps her hands
(06/05 21:44:09) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 21:44:11) Rilo claps his hands
(06/05 21:44:11)  face in puddle man: good luck out there
(06/05 21:44:12) Lynnutte claps her hands
(06/05 21:44:13) janaba claps her hands
(06/05 21:44:26)  Lontahv: Many things are happening at the Guild of Writers,.
(06/05 21:44:44)  OHBJECTION!: like?
(06/05 21:44:52)  Lontahv: 3 or so projects are activly being developed.
(06/05 21:44:57)  face in puddle man: let him type
(06/05 21:45:00) Pokemon71096 wants to ask a question...
(06/05 21:45:20)  Lontahv: the SR team has moved to the GoW.
(06/05 21:45:29)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I'm working on a couple, myself. =)
(06/05 21:45:35)  Domna: We dont all know the zbbrevations
(06/05 21:45:44)  GoMe Marten: SR = Subterranean Restorations
(06/05 21:45:44)  Pokemon71096: how would i join GoW, and can i join if i do not have uru:cc or a modeling software?
(06/05 21:45:46)  Lontahv: Their projects are coming along nicely, however, they are kept mostly secret.
(06/05 21:45:47)  GoMe Marten: GoW = Guild of Writers.
(06/05 21:46:06)  Domna: Thank you very much
(06/05 21:46:34)  Lontahv: Pokemon71096> You can work on making up ideas.  There is no requirement for skills to join the GoW.
(06/05 21:46:47) warrior26 waves hello
(06/05 21:46:49)  DimensionTravelerCalum: Shorah everyone
(06/05 21:46:57)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I'm working on finding info for RAWA, regarding Seret, with the help of some others, along with OfflineKI patches for Diafero. =)
(06/05 21:46:57)  Lontahv: The only requirement of skills would be joining some of the projects inside the GoW.
(06/05 21:46:57)  Allan White: Shorah Calum
(06/05 21:47:00) warrior26 does a dance
(06/05 21:47:05)  Dra'gossh: Seret...
(06/05 21:47:06)  Dra'gossh: hum
(06/05 21:47:27)  Dra'gossh: does it have anything to do with SubRest's Bevin?
(06/05 21:47:31)  Dra'gossh: err
(06/05 21:47:32)  Kaelis Ebonrai: No.
(06/05 21:47:34)  Dra'gossh: hood
(06/05 21:47:43)  Dra'gossh: oh, ok, so it is a separate thing then
(06/05 21:47:44)  OHBJECTION!: OHBJECTION!
(06/05 21:47:46)  Kaelis Ebonrai: SR's neighborhood is not Seret. =)
(06/05 21:47:53)  Dra'gossh: oh
(06/05 21:47:55)  Dra'gossh: I see
(06/05 21:48:47) GoMe Marten wants to ask a question...
(06/05 21:48:51)  Pokemon71096: if i join the gow forums, am i officially a member?
(06/05 21:49:14)  Kaelis Ebonrai: There's no official membership per se, we are a loose collective, as it were
(06/05 21:49:19)  Kaelis Ebonrai: But, somewhat, yes.
(06/05 21:49:24)  Pokemon71096: GOOD!
(06/05 21:49:27) <sniffle> warrior26 is sad
(06/05 21:49:28)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Marten: Fire away
(06/05 21:49:33)  Dra'gossh: yay
(06/05 21:49:39)  Lontahv: You will be able to ask questions over there.
(06/05 21:49:59)  GoMe Marten: I just want to know if you and Lontahv are typing up more explanation of what GoW is doing, or if you're just taking questions at this point. :)
(06/05 21:50:11)  Kaelis Ebonrai: We are, yes >.>
(06/05 21:50:18)  Lontahv: I was going to talk about PyPRP some.
(06/05 21:50:29)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Lontahv: Very awesome.
(06/05 21:50:34)  Lontahv: PyPRP's development has seemingly slowed.
(06/05 21:50:38)  OHBJECTION!: don't you mean "shiny"?
(06/05 21:50:45)  Kaelis Ebonrai: OHB... =P
(06/05 21:50:49)  Domna: pypRp what is that??
(06/05 21:51:06)  GoMe Marten: PyPRP is the Python interface to accessing and writing Cyan's "PRP" format files, isn't it?
(06/05 21:51:18)  Domna: Ok thanks again
(06/05 21:51:23)  OHBJECTION!: pypArrrp
(06/05 21:51:27)  Lontahv: Yes. It is the Blender exporter for Uru.
(06/05 21:51:40)  Pokemon71096: ......
(06/05 21:51:45)  Pokemon71096: all over my head
(06/05 21:51:53)  Lontahv: The completely fan-made tool which rival's Cyan's 3dMax plugin.
(06/05 21:52:14)  Pokemon71096: where can i get a copy of this software?
(06/05 21:52:25)  Lontahv: The guild of writer's site.
(06/05 21:52:32)  Pokemon71096: thank you.
(06/05 21:52:35) warrior26 does a dance
(06/05 21:52:44) warrior26 does a dance
(06/05 21:52:45) OHBJECTION! does a dance
(06/05 21:52:53) Gabby cheers
(06/05 21:53:06)  Lontahv: This tool can currently create ages for use in Uru:CC.
(06/05 21:53:30)  Lontahv: To work with MOUL it will need many changes.
(06/05 21:53:32)  Canine: Is that the same as MOUL?
(06/05 21:53:37)  Canine: oh, nevermind.
(06/05 21:53:45)  Pokemon71096: if i dont have urucc can i still use it?
(06/05 21:54:03)  Lontahv: Pokemon> Yes, but you can't view the files you export.
(06/05 21:54:05)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Lon: I've heard whispers of a "PyPRP2"?
(06/05 21:54:07)  OHBJECTION!: yes but you won't be able to try out your ages. best to spend the $5 to get it
(06/05 21:54:20)  Lontahv: PyPRP2 is the successor for PyPRP.
(06/05 21:54:22)  Pokemon71096: um its 10$
(06/05 21:54:23)  Canine: How do you get Uru:CC?
(06/05 21:54:35)  Lynnutte: you might find it on ebay.
(06/05 21:54:38)  TomVal: www.gog.com
(06/05 21:54:41)  Kaelis Ebonrai: gog.com
(06/05 21:54:48)  Kaelis Ebonrai: best source for it.
(06/05 21:54:51)  Kaelis Ebonrai: and cheapest.
(06/05 21:54:56)  Pokemon71096: oh
(06/05 21:54:57)  Canine: Ok. So, is it an add-on to MOUL?
(06/05 21:54:57)  Lontahv: It will be able to export to MOUL, Myst5 and Uru:CC.
(06/05 21:54:58)  OHBJECTION!: (not affiliated with the Guild of Greeters)
(06/05 21:54:58)  face in puddle man: ive not seen it on gog
(06/05 21:55:07)  Luna(nne): it is there
(06/05 21:55:12)  face in puddle man: ok
(06/05 21:55:16)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Its definitely on gog.com
(06/05 21:55:22)  face in puddle man: super
(06/05 21:55:26)  Luna(nne): it is a standalone game with almost all the content of moul
(06/05 21:55:28)  Pokemon71096: so i cant view it in moul?
(06/05 21:55:28)  face in puddle man: i'll lok
(06/05 21:55:32)  Lontahv: PyPRP2 will introduce a GUI-based system for age creation.
(06/05 21:55:42)  Pokemon71096: gui?
(06/05 21:55:45)  Kaelis Ebonrai: And you can get the moul content for U:CC, as well, using Drizzle
(06/05 21:55:52)  Marcus Wheeler: Guided User Interface
(06/05 21:55:55)  Lontahv: GUI =Graphical User Interface.
(06/05 21:56:03)  Marcus Wheeler: Heh... right
(06/05 21:56:05)  OHBJECTION!: does it have an "I'm feeling lucky" button for automatic random age generation?
(06/05 21:56:09)  Pokemon71096: which page on gow website has a download?
(06/05 21:56:25)  Lontahv: Pokemon> look on the forums.
(06/05 21:56:26)  Kaelis Ebonrai: lol, OHB
(06/05 21:56:55)  GoMe Marten: (The complete name is "Uru: Complete Chronicles".  Just search for 'Uru' on gog.com and you'll find it.  It's also still for sale via Amazon.com.)
(06/05 21:57:07)  Lontahv: PyPRP2 is currently in development.
(06/05 21:57:14)  Christian Walther: http://guildofwriters.com/wiki/Installing_PyPRP
(06/05 21:57:17)  Pokemon71096: gog has u:cc for $10
(06/05 21:57:36)  Lontahv: It will work with a new version of Blender, Blender 2.6.
(06/05 21:58:21)  OHBJECTION!: well it's $5 PER C...so if you want uru CC that's $10
(06/05 21:58:26)  Lontahv: PyPRP2 is developed enough to create visually appealing ages.
(06/05 21:58:35)  Kaelis Ebonrai: >.>
(06/05 21:58:39)  Pokemon71096: haha
(06/05 21:58:57) Rilo wants to ask a question...
(06/05 21:59:03)  Lontahv: ...although many of the features of PyPRP are in it yet.
(06/05 21:59:18)  Lontahv: Rilo> Ask away
(06/05 21:59:33)  Pokemon71096: brb
(06/05 21:59:52)  Rilo: Is it possible to create a age in sketchup or in vue and get them into blender to create the age?
(06/05 22:00:06)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Its... uh.. it might be.
(06/05 22:00:11)  Lontahv: Yes.  People have done that.
(06/05 22:00:42)  Lontahv: It helps to have someone who knows how to use Blender help you get the age into Uru.
(06/05 22:01:02)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I wouldn't call it necessarily /easy/ but.. Its within the realms of possibility - and what lon said >.>
(06/05 22:01:18)  Lontahv: The members of Guild of Writers will be happy to help you.
(06/05 22:01:30)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Aye, exactly. =)
(06/05 22:01:38)  Rilo: Is there a list of how many units certain things have to be like doors?
(06/05 22:01:44) Marcus Wheeler wants to ask a question...
(06/05 22:01:55)  Lontahv: It would be safe to have each unit equal a foot.
(06/05 22:01:57)  Kaelis Ebonrai: an avatar is.. 6 blender units tall ( a male)
(06/05 22:02:09)  Kaelis Ebonrai: but, yes, that. =)
(06/05 22:02:13)  OHBJECTION!: make sure the electrical and plumming is up to spec too
(06/05 22:02:26)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Marcus: Yes?
(06/05 22:02:32)  Rilo: ok thanks
(06/05 22:02:52)  Marcus Wheeler: How accessible would you say your tutorial system is?
(06/05 22:03:13)  Marcus Wheeler: About a year ago, I attempted to pick up Blender using your tutorial system, and found myself lost in a mire of tech language and a cumbersome search system.
(06/05 22:03:23)  Lontahv: Our tutorial system won't help someone who doesn't already know Blender.
(06/05 22:03:32)  Pokemon71096: so if i can draw an age and have sketchup, i can be a fairly successful writer?
(06/05 22:03:33)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I learnt all the Age creation stuff I've done in less than a week, to get started. And I used the GoW tutorials.
(06/05 22:03:53)  Lontahv: I would reccomend you read some of Blender's tutorials first.
(06/05 22:03:54)  Luna(nne): on the web there are also a great number of tutorials for blender
(06/05 22:04:03)  Kaelis Ebonrai: But - I've spent years doing blender stuff, so.
(06/05 22:04:37)  Marcus Wheeler: I guess that's my question
(06/05 22:04:40)  Pokemon71096: omg i thot this was a game i play after shcool...
(06/05 22:04:49)  Marcus Wheeler: Are you planning on providing tutorials to get people introduced into Blender?
(06/05 22:05:08)  Kaelis Ebonrai: But, as luna(nne) says, blender tutorials on the internet - a big help.
(06/05 22:05:13)  Marcus Wheeler: A friend of mine attempted to get a footing in the GoW, but found themselves of little use to anyone because they could find a way to learn Blender, and through it, age creation
(06/05 22:05:23)  Lontahv: Pokemon> If you're good at using sketchup and are willing to learn how to use our Blender3d plugin, you can be a very sucessful writer.
(06/05 22:05:51)  Domna: It is also the story  not only sketching
(06/05 22:05:56)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Marcus: that's not the Writer's fault. =P
(06/05 22:06:12)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *Writers'
(06/05 22:06:24)  Pokemon71096: but must a writer do all steps to create an age?
(06/05 22:06:35)  Lontahv: Story is generally much easier to develop than the actual visuals for an age.
(06/05 22:06:36)  OHBJECTION!: yes
(06/05 22:06:58)  Marcus Wheeler: I don't mean to sound accusatory, Kaelis, but from what you're saying, it's impossible to be of any "help" to the Writers unless you understand Blender...
(06/05 22:07:02)  Pokemon71096: so there are no multiple=writer ages?
(06/05 22:07:11)  OHBJECTION!: he didn't say that
(06/05 22:07:16)  Domna: Ok but that is why there is a team working together I guess
(06/05 22:07:20)  OHBJECTION!: he said the opposite of that
(06/05 22:07:32)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Indeed, OHB. =)
(06/05 22:07:48)  janaba: yes, there are, pokemon :-=
(06/05 22:07:51)  Kaelis Ebonrai: The current plugin has been developed for blender...
(06/05 22:07:51)  Lontahv: Pokemon> If you want to join a large team project as a modeler, ask someone on the GoW.
(06/05 22:07:55)  Marcus Wheeler: OHB, I've seen literally dozens of pages of concept art, story ideas and thoughts that haven't been touched in years because the creator didn't put them into a 3D form
(06/05 22:08:09)  OHBJECTION!: that's up to the creator
(06/05 22:08:23)  Lontahv: Marcus> The same goes for Cyan.
(06/05 22:08:24)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Marcus: How else do you expect to visit them in Uru? And, as OHB said, up to the creator
(06/05 22:08:25)  OHBJECTION!: there are plenty of people currently working on ages that don't do 3D modeling
(06/05 22:08:29)  Pokemon71096: so. can i be a "casual" writer ie. draw and sketcchup a model only?
(06/05 22:08:31)  Domna: Some may be good at writing others at 3D
(06/05 22:08:33)  OHBJECTION!: they work as a team
(06/05 22:08:39)  OHBJECTION!: if someone wants to make an age - make it happen
(06/05 22:08:50)  OHBJECTION!: and i'm not part of the GoW - i just know that from what i hear
(06/05 22:08:52)  Marcus Wheeler: Fair enough I suppose, I may have just mis-read what I was seeing. My apologies.
(06/05 22:09:07)  Lontahv: Pokemon> If you can use sketchup well, and draw, I'm sure you'll be a great person to have on an age-creation team.
(06/05 22:09:18)  OHBJECTION!: but to say the unpopular thing...the GoW has had 25 minutes of stage time...i think it's time to wrap it up
(06/05 22:09:20)  Pokemon71096: thank you.
(06/05 22:09:22)  GoMe Marten: The reality is, that we don't have a huge group of writers twiddling their thumbs looking for ideas.  Those who are writers, are working on ideas.  And there are more ideas than writers.
(06/05 22:09:41)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Indeed, Marten
(06/05 22:09:46)  Lontahv: Exactly
(06/05 22:09:47) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 22:09:54)  Domna: i asm an old fashioned painter
(06/05 22:09:57)  Marcus Wheeler: Thank you, you two.
(06/05 22:09:59) Marcus Wheeler claps his hands
(06/05 22:10:01)  Pokemon71096: one last questin
(06/05 22:10:02) TomVal claps his hands
(06/05 22:10:03) Allan White claps his hands
(06/05 22:10:03) Domna claps her hands
(06/05 22:10:04) OHBJECTION! claps his hands
(06/05 22:10:11) fallcer37 claps his hands
(06/05 22:10:12) janaba claps her hands
(06/05 22:10:14)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Domna: I'll be honest with you - I'd /love/ to see painting on the forums.
(06/05 22:10:14)  GoMe Marten: I think there's room in this community for all sorts of creativity, even if it doesn't all get converted into Ages we can visit. :)  Thank you, GoW!
(06/05 22:10:15) Rilo claps his hands
(06/05 22:10:20) Luna(nne) claps her hands
(06/05 22:10:20) Kaelis Ebonrai bows
(06/05 22:10:25) Lontahv bows
(06/05 22:10:25) D'Ana claps her hands
(06/05 22:10:29)  Domna: Ok, but how and where
(06/05 22:10:33)  Kaelis Ebonrai: There are so many things that can be done with paintings >.>
(06/05 22:10:39)  Domna: In the art gallery?
(06/05 22:10:50)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Post it in the Artist's section =D
(06/05 22:10:51)  OHBJECTION!: concept art for an age?
(06/05 22:10:55)  OHBJECTION!: etc
(06/05 22:10:55)  GoMe Marten: Domna> There is a "Creativity" forum on the Myst Online forums.  That's just one place you can explore to share ideas and artwork.
(06/05 22:10:56)  Domna: Ok
(06/05 22:10:57)  OHBJECTION!: who's next?
(06/05 22:11:04)  Lontahv: Domna> We can use paintings for the sky of a world
(06/05 22:11:11)  OHBJECTION!: anyone from the Cartographers guild here?
(06/05 22:11:16)  Domna: i would like that
(06/05 22:11:19)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Paintings are a wonderful way of developing ideas for an age, too
(06/05 22:11:27)  Kaelis Ebonrai: and, also...
(06/05 22:11:36)  OHBJECTION!: i guess not...
(06/05 22:11:40)  GoMe Marten: Cartographers, Messengers, Greeters, Archivists, any of those groups or others who've not presented, please speak up.
(06/05 22:11:40)  Pokemon71096: enough about paintings.
(06/05 22:11:41)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Actual.. well.. paintings in an office, or an Age, too
(06/05 22:11:42)  OHBJECTION!: i'm gonna take the stage them
(06/05 22:11:46) GoMe Marten raises his hand for the Messengers.
(06/05 22:12:02)  Pokemon71096: guild of archivists?
(06/05 22:12:14)  GoMe Marten: OBJ: which group do you want to talk for? :)
(06/05 22:12:20)  Luna(nne): haven't seen teh archivists for some time
(06/05 22:12:27)  Pokemon71096: they exist?
(06/05 22:12:30)  OHBJECTION!: ok fine i'll speak :)
(06/05 22:12:40) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 22:12:43)  Luna(nne): i think they existed
(06/05 22:12:46) Allan White claps his hands
(06/05 22:12:47)  OHBJECTION!: alright i'm here for the Guild of Greeters
(06/05 22:12:52) Rilo claps his hands
(06/05 22:12:53) Lontahv claps his hands
(06/05 22:12:55) Gabby cheers
(06/05 22:12:57) Kaelis Ebonrai claps his hands
(06/05 22:12:59) Pokemon71096 claps his hands
(06/05 22:12:59) Luna(nne) claps her hands
(06/05 22:13:01) janaba claps her hands
(06/05 22:13:06) Marcus Wheeler had wondered who OHB represented...
(06/05 22:13:14)  OHBJECTION!: last month I spoke about the possibility for new greeters to join up. we have been discussing it internally and I have been pushing for it. I think there's a good shot that it'll happen soon.
(06/05 22:13:18) Gabby laughs
(06/05 22:13:18)  Allan White: The Archivists founded the Librarians and then they stopped existing both...
(06/05 22:13:40)  GoMe Marten: OHBJ for the Greeters :)
(06/05 22:13:42)  OHBJECTION!: other than that, to be honest, there's really not much happening at the GoG. But I'll take 2 minutes for questions IF there are any questions about the GoG?
(06/05 22:13:44)  Abjab: (Guild of Robots ?
(06/05 22:13:48)  OHBJECTION!: (just OHB)
(06/05 22:13:48)  TomVal: Nice to hear it OHB
(06/05 22:14:00)  Pokemon71096: question!
(06/05 22:14:02)  OHBJECTION!: i'll speak about Guild of Robots next
(06/05 22:14:06)  OHBJECTION!: pokemon? question?
(06/05 22:14:21)  Abjab: Will our volunteer Greeters Return  as such ?
(06/05 22:14:23)  Gabby: Ok gog is it still thier to help players around the gavern?
(06/05 22:14:30)  Pokemon71096: yes. to be frank, do u do more then say "hi" to people?
(06/05 22:14:35)  Gabby: Cavern
(06/05 22:14:46)  OHBJECTION!: there are many greeters from uru itterations past that have retired
(06/05 22:14:48) Kaelis Ebonrai says DOH!
(06/05 22:14:56)  Abjab: ahh
(06/05 22:14:58)  OHBJECTION!: there are many active on the forums that aren't often in the cavern
(06/05 22:15:21)  OHBJECTION!: and there is a sense amongst some greeters that there isn't much to do in the cavern...a viewpoint some of us are arguing against.
(06/05 22:15:23)  Pokemon71096: obj? what does your guild do?
(06/05 22:15:40)  Canine: The GoG has been helping me a lot.
(06/05 22:15:56)  GoMe Marten: OHB> After Pokemon's question (of what the Greeters do, exactly - which would be good to review), there was some discussion last time on some reworking of the tutorials at GoG.  Any news on that?
(06/05 22:15:57)  TomVal: I think they were help for most of us
(06/05 22:15:57)  Canine: I've gotten lots of help around the cavern, I'm a newb. XD
(06/05 22:15:57)  OHBJECTION!: Pokemon, check out the description downstairs or the GoG website (www.guildofgreeters.com) for more info. but in a nutshell, we welcome people to the cavern who are new, help them get started and integrated intot he community.
(06/05 22:16:28) Gabby cheers
(06/05 22:16:32)  Pokemon71096: ohhh so the people who help em with ages a lot
(06/05 22:16:51)  OHBJECTION!: Marten, virtually all of the tutorials remain unchanged because changes weren't necessary. however, there are some who continue to go through and make sure that they are updated with the most recent information available.
(06/05 22:16:59)  OHBJECTION!: Welcome Canine! :)
(06/05 22:17:08) OHBJECTION! barks for Canine!
(06/05 22:17:11)  Pokemon71096: go fellow newb!
(06/05 22:17:15)  OHBJECTION!: any other questions before i move on?
(06/05 22:17:33)  OHBJECTION!: and...DING Time's Up.
(06/05 22:17:35)  OHBJECTION!: OK moving on
(06/05 22:17:40)  OHBJECTION!: Guild of Robots
(06/05 22:18:07)  OHBJECTION!: nothing to report about OHBot other than 2 days ago he answered his 50,000th question!
(06/05 22:18:14)  OHBJECTION!: and he's almost met 2000 people
(06/05 22:18:15)  Pokemon71096: woot
(06/05 22:18:24) Gabby cheers
(06/05 22:18:26)  OHBJECTION!: so that's cool
(06/05 22:18:27)  GoMe Marten: He's almost met, or he's met almost?
(06/05 22:18:29) Musica2 cheers
(06/05 22:18:30)  janaba: cool :-)
(06/05 22:18:37)  Aqueous Haze: cool =D
(06/05 22:18:39)  Pokemon71096: i didnt know there were 2000 people in the cavern
(06/05 22:18:52) Domna claps her hands
(06/05 22:18:56)  OHBJECTION!: in related news, I've posted in the MOUL forums about one of my other projects called URU BabelBot
(06/05 22:18:58)  Musica2: Easy with multiple avvies
(06/05 22:19:03)  OHBJECTION!: you may even have seen it mentioned around
(06/05 22:19:08)  OHBJECTION!: !ping
(06/05 22:19:08)  Kaelis Ebonrai: PONG! [URU BabelBot]
(06/05 22:19:11)  D'Ana: thats why he hasnt got time to change clothes...
(06/05 22:19:12)  Allan White: There are almost 30 000 accounts Pokemon.
(06/05 22:19:21)  Pokemon71096: oh wow
(06/05 22:19:37)  Allan White: Most of them abandoned of course.
(06/05 22:19:38)  OHBJECTION!: well, URU BabelBot is a tool for communication in the cavern.
(06/05 22:19:46)  Pokemon71096: oh
(06/05 22:19:48)  OHBJECTION!: It removes language barriers letting you speak to people in 14 languages
(06/05 22:19:54)  OHBJECTION!: (more languages to follow)
(06/05 22:20:00) Allan White cheers
(06/05 22:20:00) Rilo wants to ask a question...
(06/05 22:20:01)  Pokemon71096: Question!
(06/05 22:20:11) fallcer37 cheers
(06/05 22:20:12)  OHBJECTION!: it's also got some nifty other features and it's currently being beta tested
(06/05 22:20:29)  Gabby: Fantastic
(06/05 22:20:34)  Pokemon71096: does it work for text and voice chat?
(06/05 22:20:45)  TomVal: Text chat only
(06/05 22:20:47)  OHBJECTION!: It's not YET publically available. HOWEVER, everyone here may sign up to be a beta tester in the MOUL forums...and as a reward for attending, anyone here who asks to be a BETA tester will be approved.
(06/05 22:21:10)  Pokemon71096: May i?
(06/05 22:21:15)  OHBJECTION!: pokemon, only text is translated :) but it can turn text into speech and speak to you what people are saying.
(06/05 22:21:16)  Luna(nne): and you need to run moul windowed
(06/05 22:21:34)  Pokemon71096: may i be a beta tester?
(06/05 22:21:37)  OHBJECTION!: yes...hopefully for version 2 running in a window won't be a requirement
(06/05 22:21:54)  Rilo: can ohbot be used to gain statistical information about people in ages?
(06/05 22:22:07)  OHBJECTION!: if you want to be a BETA tester, go to the MOUL forums into the Spoiler Free section and reply to the URU BabelBot thread there.
(06/05 22:22:14)  OHBJECTION!: Rilo, hang on.
(06/05 22:22:14)  Pokemon71096: i did....
(06/05 22:22:24)  Pokemon71096: sorry, rilo.
(06/05 22:22:39)  OHBJECTION!: As part of the larger BabelBot project, translating URU and localizing it for people in other countries is part of the goal.
(06/05 22:22:40) Pokemon71096 says sorry to Rilo
(06/05 22:22:48)  Pokemon71096: ok
(06/05 22:22:54)  OHBJECTION!: To that end, in the coming weeks I will be launching a crowd-sourced translation project for URU.
(06/05 22:23:05) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 22:23:11) Domna claps her hands
(06/05 22:23:12)  OHBJECTION!: If you speak English + another language, you can help translate URU into another language for others who come after you who don't speak English.
(06/05 22:23:14) Kaelis Ebonrai claps his hands
(06/05 22:23:16)  Christian Walther: You know that it already contains a lot of translations, they're just unused?
(06/05 22:23:50)  OHBJECTION!: this is a VERY long term project...and there are many things that need to be in place before we are able to integrate the translations into the client, but when that time comes, we'll be ready and good to go.
(06/05 22:24:10) Gabby cheers
(06/05 22:24:11)  OHBJECTION!: Christian, I'm aware of every single item in the localization databases that URU uses :)
(06/05 22:24:26)  OHBJECTION!: so stay tuned for more information about that.
(06/05 22:24:27)  Christian Walther: Great. Just make sure your translators are too so they don't repeat the work :)
(06/05 22:24:41)  OHBJECTION!: Rilo, you asked if OHBot can be used to gather statistical information. Could you elaborate?
(06/05 22:25:15)  OHBJECTION!: Christian, the interface is specially designed for doing the crowd-source translations. No work will be done that's unncessary :)
(06/05 22:25:24)  Pokemon71096: can we join the guild of robots? I'm a robot!
(06/05 22:25:31)  OHBJECTION!: no you're not
(06/05 22:25:33)  OHBJECTION!: so no you can't
(06/05 22:25:35)  Pokemon71096: awww
(06/05 22:25:36)  OHBJECTION!: :)
(06/05 22:25:38)  janaba: lol
(06/05 22:25:40) <sniffle> Pokemon71096 is sad
(06/05 22:25:51)  Rilo: Ok lets say you park the bot in a age, while its left on people come in and out and spend their time at the age, can THe bot be used to gain information on what goes on?
(06/05 22:25:53)  OHBJECTION!: ask ohbot to sing "cry me a river" for you  :)
(06/05 22:26:10)  OHBJECTION!: Rilo, OHBot sees and remembers everything that goes on around him.
(06/05 22:26:14)  Rilo: Like how many visits what people talk about usually ect.
(06/05 22:26:24)  Pokemon71096: fancy.
(06/05 22:26:35)  OHBJECTION!: all of that information is stored...but it's only accessible to me if i write a query to get at it
(06/05 22:26:36)  Canine: OHBot sounds like Big Brother from 1985.
(06/05 22:26:40)  Canine: 1984
(06/05 22:26:48)  GoMe Marten: I imagine the main topic around OHBot is OHBot.
(06/05 22:26:51)  Pokemon71096: 1983
(06/05 22:26:52)  OHBJECTION!: ohbot does that so he can iteract with his environment
(06/05 22:26:55)  Pokemon71096: 182
(06/05 22:26:58)  OHBJECTION!: *interact
(06/05 22:27:04)  Rilo: Can it be used as a multi age communication tool?
(06/05 22:27:18)  Rilo: like mergine age chat between different ages
(06/05 22:27:21)  OHBJECTION!: rilo, no at this time. but you can chat to OHBot from wherever you are
(06/05 22:27:23)  Rilo: *merging
(06/05 22:27:42)  Canine: So for the newbs, can you tell us the basics of what OHBot is?
(06/05 22:27:47)  OHBJECTION!: Rilo, no. OHBot can only hear/see what happens near him. For example, he's not here, therefore he can't hear/see what's going on.
(06/05 22:27:59)  GoMe Marten: That's an interesting idea... using OHB to create custom chat groups, so one isn't limited strictly to "Buddies".
(06/05 22:28:09)  OHBJECTION!: Canine, OHBot is URU's first and only artificial intelligent computer controlled avatar.
(06/05 22:28:15)  Pokemon71096: orangehairedboy.net will tell u about ohbot
(06/05 22:28:22)  Pokemon71096: as ohb knows
(06/05 22:28:26)  OHBJECTION!: you can visit him in the Guild of Robots Bevin or go to the website that Pokemon mentioned.
(06/05 22:28:35)  GoMe Marten: Rilo, is that what you had in mind?
(06/05 22:28:37)  OHBJECTION!: he's all sorts of entertaining.
(06/05 22:28:43)  Canine: Ok. Thanks.
(06/05 22:28:49)  OHBJECTION!: you're welcome :P
(06/05 22:28:55)  Domna: so when OHBot is rude, whose fault is that?
(06/05 22:29:06)  Pokemon71096: blame the creator
(06/05 22:29:06)  Kaelis Ebonrai: OHBot's. =P
(06/05 22:29:08)  OHBJECTION!: probably yours lol
(06/05 22:29:10)  OHBJECTION!: haha sorry
(06/05 22:29:17) janaba starts to laugh
(06/05 22:29:19)  OHBJECTION!: he's RARELY rude
(06/05 22:29:21)  GoMe Marten: Like a parrot that learns a bad word.
(06/05 22:29:27)  OHBJECTION!: i designed him to be not rude
(06/05 22:29:34)  Domna: No, becaue I heared him pon some occations
(06/05 22:29:35)  Nettey: blame the neighbors
(06/05 22:29:35)  OHBJECTION!: but sometimes he says something that's quite sarcastic
(06/05 22:30:00)  OHBJECTION!: and occasionally there's an unexpected result - which is just the nature of the beast - that that response could be taken rudely or it might be just funny
(06/05 22:30:27)  Domna: Sorry I try to type to quickly
(06/05 22:30:36)  OHBJECTION!: Domna, unless I know specifically what you're talking about I couldn't see what he was thinking at the time. If you see him being rude and I'm online, just tell me and I'll see what happened.
(06/05 22:30:36)  Domna: Ok
(06/05 22:30:48)  OHBJECTION!: Last call for questions and I'll hand things over to the Messengers.
(06/05 22:30:49)  Domna: Ok thanks
(06/05 22:31:27)  Gabby: Thank you for taking your time to inform us
(06/05 22:31:30) Abjab thinks that OHBot might be the finest communicator we have
(06/05 22:31:31) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 22:31:34) Allan White claps his hands
(06/05 22:31:38) janaba thanks you very much!
(06/05 22:31:41) Nettey claps her hands
(06/05 22:31:43) Luna(nne) claps her hands
(06/05 22:31:43) janaba claps her hands
(06/05 22:31:44) TomVal claps his hands
(06/05 22:31:50) Rilo claps his hands
(06/05 22:31:56) Domna claps her hands
(06/05 22:32:02) Kaelis Ebonrai claps his hands
(06/05 22:32:03)  OHBJECTION!: OH...one final thing
(06/05 22:32:04) janaba does a dance
(06/05 22:32:09)  OHBJECTION!: Domna sorry I'm going to discuss your PM here
(06/05 22:32:22)  OHBJECTION!: Domna mentioned that OHBot was rude earlier and he made a comment about raping people.
(06/05 22:32:23) Abjab fears two bots translating to each other could be Unstable
(06/05 22:32:27)  OHBJECTION!: let me say what happened.
(06/05 22:32:38)  OHBJECTION!: OHBot has the ability to translate 30 languages.
(06/05 22:32:56)  OHBJECTION!: Someone asked ohbot to translate a phrase in french to english. The rape comment (if you saw it earlier) was the translated french.
(06/05 22:33:04)  OHBJECTION!: OHBot doesn't KNOW what he's translating I'm afraid.
(06/05 22:33:11)  OHBJECTION!: I banned that person from OHBot for abuse.
(06/05 22:33:20)  OHBJECTION!: So...I do apologize if you saw that.
(06/05 22:33:28)  OHBJECTION!: I hate seeing OHBot used in a bad way like that.
(06/05 22:33:30)  OHBJECTION!: the end.
(06/05 22:33:36) Allan White claps his hands
(06/05 22:33:36) Domna claps her hands
(06/05 22:33:41) Kaelis Ebonrai claps his hands
(06/05 22:33:41) Canine claps her hands
(06/05 22:33:42) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 22:33:43) Nettey claps her hands
(06/05 22:33:43) janaba claps her hands
(06/05 22:33:47) GoMe Marten claps his hands
(06/05 22:33:51) Kaelis Ebonrai cheers
(06/05 22:33:52)  Marcus Wheeler: Thank you, that was very informative
(06/05 22:33:52) TomVal claps his hands
(06/05 22:33:54) D'Ana claps her hands
(06/05 22:34:00)  OHBJECTION!: and with that...I'll remind you all go to sign up to be a BETA Tester for URU BabelBot and I'll turn things over the to GoMe
(06/05 22:34:28) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 22:34:29)  GoMe Marten: OK.  I think we have today, Lun(anne), Musica, Rilo, Allan, and myself for the Messengers.  And Kaelis, who spoke earlier, also moonlights with us.
(06/05 22:34:31)  Allan White: Hey, come up here!
(06/05 22:34:34) Domna claps her hands
(06/05 22:34:46) janaba cheers
(06/05 22:34:50) Gabby cheers
(06/05 22:34:55)  GoMe Marten: Rilo is the newest member, joined today!
(06/05 22:34:55)  Luna(nne): canaries to the stage! :P
(06/05 22:35:01)  Nettey: lol
(06/05 22:35:09)  Gabby: Clap
(06/05 22:35:15) janaba claps her hands
(06/05 22:35:18) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 22:35:19) Abjab claps his hands
(06/05 22:35:27) To Rilo: Come down, please.
(06/05 22:35:35)  OHBJECTION!: one of these things is not like the others...
(06/05 22:35:41)  GoMe Marten: Although we seem to the the most numerous, this is probably going to be pretty short.  Not much has changed in the past month.
(06/05 22:35:44) OHBJECTION! points
(06/05 22:35:44)  OHBJECTION!: it's KAELIS!
(06/05 22:35:44) Nettey starts to laugh
(06/05 22:35:47)  Kaelis Ebonrai: XD
(06/05 22:35:51)  GoMe Marten: Oh, it's Tanshiin, come on down :)  Also one of us.
(06/05 22:35:59)  Maks: Ect kto iz Rossii?
(06/05 22:36:00)  Tanshin: Wow, did I really just log in as you were starting :P
(06/05 22:36:09)  Tanshin: Must have ESP or something
(06/05 22:36:11)  GoMe Marten: Been going for 1.5 hrs, Tan :)
(06/05 22:36:21)  GoMe Marten: Just the Messengers turn now
(06/05 22:36:23)  Tanshin: Well, I logged on when you were up here
(06/05 22:36:26)  Tanshin: So that's what counts
(06/05 22:36:58)  Tanshin: I would have been on sooner, but there's a lovely severe tstorm warning and tornado watch up
(06/05 22:37:01)  janaba: -)
(06/05 22:37:15)  GoMe Marten: The important news is... we continue to maintain the events KImail, so if you want onto our subscription list, let us know.  Irissa is missing, if you hear from her, please let us know... so no further news on the Cavern Events Services she was working on.
(06/05 22:37:17)  Gabby: Oh no
(06/05 22:37:21)  Rilo: Ct has a tornando warning too
(06/05 22:37:33)  Tanshin: Ah, Rilo you know what I'm talking about then :P I'm in Simsbury
(06/05 22:37:34)  GoMe Marten: Lynnutte has resumed as head of the Cavern Criers, we're glad she is back.
(06/05 22:37:41)  Canine: KIMail events?
(06/05 22:38:14)  Canine: Where can I sign up for event mail?
(06/05 22:38:20)  janaba: ohh, I still need this events KImail :-)
(06/05 22:38:31)  GoMe Marten: The Events KImail is a KI message we share with anyone who are interested, we keep it updated with the calendar of upcoming events.  It's like having a text version of the GoMe calendar, here in the cavern.
(06/05 22:38:31)  Allan White: I sent you a mail Canine.
(06/05 22:38:32)  Gabby: Sorry just gotta say stay safe in them winds
(06/05 22:38:40)  Canine: Thanks.
(06/05 22:39:02) From GoMe Marten: janaba wants one too :)
(06/05 22:39:06)  Gabby: Lol
(06/05 22:39:26)  Musica2: yea lynutte
(06/05 22:39:43)  janaba: thanks a lot Allan :-)
(06/05 22:39:53)  Maks: russkie est???
(06/05 22:39:57)  GoMe Marten: We are also still looking for people who might be interested in writing articles, as we consider resuming our e-mail and web-based newspaper.  Nothing firm on that yet.  But we are looking for contributors.
(06/05 22:39:58)  Pokemon71096: oh may oi have kit
(06/05 22:40:12)  Pokemon71096: may i have the ki mail
(06/05 22:40:19)  Luna(nne): can I say something on that Marten?
(06/05 22:40:21)  Allan White: Hang on Pokemon.
(06/05 22:40:25) From Canine: A,D,E if I should tell you now.
(06/05 22:40:26)  Pokemon71096: yes sir
(06/05 22:40:33)  GoMe Marten: Absolutely, lunanne!
(06/05 22:40:36) TomVal wants to ask a question...
(06/05 22:40:45)  Luna(nne): fire away tom
(06/05 22:41:13)  TomVal: What kind of articles you mean to be contained in GoMe newspaper/emailmag?
(06/05 22:41:23) To Canine: Here you are.
(06/05 22:41:27)  Luna(nne): well shall I first explain our ideas on it?
(06/05 22:41:35)  TomVal: yes
(06/05 22:41:43)  GoMe Marten: Yeah, let's see if Lunanne's description answers your question.
(06/05 22:41:51)  Luna(nne): as you might have heard we are reviving the newspaper
(06/05 22:41:57) OHBJECTION! @ 2000
(06/05 22:42:07) janaba cheers
(06/05 22:42:08)  Luna(nne): for anyone who has seen the old version it will be different from that
(06/05 22:42:21)  Luna(nne): we decided we cannot keep up with the news to make it valuable
(06/05 22:42:44)  Luna(nne): so we are thinking on a more magazin kind of thing with columns from the guilds
(06/05 22:42:47) From Pokemon71096: allan i would like KI mails A, B, C, D, and E.
(06/05 22:42:50)  Luna(nne): wellat least the writers
(06/05 22:42:51)  GoMe Marten: Right.  By the time we publish the news in the newspaper, it's been on our feed for days, sometimes weeks.
(06/05 22:43:01)  Luna(nne): and a international page(s)
(06/05 22:43:09)  Luna(nne): with events from the international community
(06/05 22:43:10)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I'm a messenger as well as a Writer, Luna. =)
(06/05 22:43:17)  Luna(nne): I know XD
(06/05 22:43:25) From Pokemon71096: you can be in 2 guilds?
(06/05 22:43:26)  Lynnutte: Then get up here!
(06/05 22:43:28)  Kaelis Ebonrai: >.>
(06/05 22:43:30)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I am!
(06/05 22:43:31)  GoMe Marten: (By the way, back issues of the newspaper are still available at our website, guildofmessengers.com; hit the "newspapers" link)
(06/05 22:43:35)  Kaelis Ebonrai: look behind you!
(06/05 22:43:36) Marcus Wheeler blinks...
(06/05 22:43:37)  Pokemon71096: you can be in 2 guilds?
(06/05 22:43:40)  Luna(nne): we are still looking for more content though so ideas are welcome
(06/05 22:43:40)  Lynnutte: oh lol
(06/05 22:43:42) OHBJECTION! points
(06/05 22:43:42)  OHBJECTION!: he sticks out like a sore thumb!
(06/05 22:43:51) Lynnutte giggles
(06/05 22:43:56)  Tanshin: lol
(06/05 22:44:02)  OHBJECTION!: a sore thumb in a hawaiian shirt!
(06/05 22:44:04)  Lynnutte: I'm blind today
(06/05 22:44:04)  Marcus Wheeler: Technically, Pokemon, I think every guild allows multi-guild work so long as you're active. I may be wrong.
(06/05 22:44:07) Kaelis Ebonrai is laughing up a storm, here.
(06/05 22:44:18)  GoMe Marten: Anyone can be in as many guilds as they wish... though most people tend to find a "comfort spot" and spend most time working with one guild.
(06/05 22:44:19)  Luna(nne): so anyone questions on the newsmagazine?
(06/05 22:44:28)  Luna(nne): or ideas
(06/05 22:44:47)  OHBJECTION!: got a suggestion for them pokemon?
(06/05 22:44:50)  Luna(nne): sudden inspiration to get involved maybe....
(06/05 22:44:59)  Lynnutte: hopefully
(06/05 22:45:08)  Tanshin: I can say that I have Adobe InDesign, so if you want me to try and lay things out, I'd love to
(06/05 22:45:11)  Pokemon71096: wait what?
(06/05 22:45:16)  Gabby: When you have time please send me kimail thank you and shorah
(06/05 22:45:24)  TomVal: RU-related stuff?
(06/05 22:45:29)  TomVal: Will be the newspaper concerned with events, or also with other URU-related stuff?
(06/05 22:45:33)  Luna(nne): we use scriblus or so tanshhin
(06/05 22:45:37)  Luna(nne): yeah of course!
(06/05 22:45:40)  OHBJECTION!: pokemon they might be looking for article writers. you might enjoy that
(06/05 22:45:55)  Luna(nne): just more indepth stories and interviews etc,. then the old one
(06/05 22:45:58)  Pokemon71096: oh i have an idea sorry
(06/05 22:46:04)  GoMe Marten: Oh, we're also, I think, always looking for additional translators for the news on our site.  OHB mentioned that OHBot can handle up to 30 languages.  We only handle 7 or so, I think.  o.o
(06/05 22:46:22)  Luna(nne): but pokemonwhat is your idea?
(06/05 22:46:28)  Luna(nne): *pokemon what
(06/05 22:46:35)  Pokemon71096: there should be a section about myst #1 or other myst games etc.
(06/05 22:46:45)  Pokemon71096: lik a column
(06/05 22:46:48)  Luna(nne): we might run a history section kind of thing
(06/05 22:46:53)  OHBJECTION!: i don't think they would have thought about that bafore. brilliant idea!
(06/05 22:46:54)  Pokemon71096: *like
(06/05 22:47:02)  Tanshin: A little feature column may be neat
(06/05 22:47:07) Tanshin thinks about donuts
(06/05 22:47:08) Lynnutte nods her head
(06/05 22:47:14)  Pokemon71096: coming from a guy who has only played myst and Moul
(06/05 22:47:14)  Luna(nne): but anything on the old games is hard since there will be nothing new to mention
(06/05 22:47:19)  OHBJECTION!: We'll call it Pokemon's Corner
(06/05 22:47:31)  Pokemon71096: um sure...
(06/05 22:47:35) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 22:47:45)  OHBJECTION!: maybe you could make some trading cards to put in your column?
(06/05 22:47:49)  Marcus Wheeler: Pokemon Center? Heh...
(06/05 22:47:52)  Pokemon71096: i can write it if thats what u meean
(06/05 22:47:58)  janaba: great :-)
(06/05 22:47:59)  Pokemon71096: why not?
(06/05 22:48:12)  D'Ana: pokemon has a copyright
(06/05 22:48:16)  Pokemon71096: wait there is an ipod app that lets u create pokemon cards
(06/05 22:48:28) TomVal prefers copyleft better
(06/05 22:48:36)  Pokemon71096: so i can make one for sirus atrus etc.
(06/05 22:48:39) Gabby laughs
(06/05 22:48:48) Allan White strongly supports TomVals opinion
(06/05 22:48:55)  Pokemon71096: but ya copyrights of Pokemon and cyan
(06/05 22:50:01)  GoMe Marten: Anything else about the once and future newspaper or whatever we're going to call it?
(06/05 22:50:02)  Kaelis Ebonrai: <3 copyleft
(06/05 22:50:19)  Pokemon71096: yes a name i have!
(06/05 22:50:21)  OHBJECTION!: i think the font should be orange
(06/05 22:50:25)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I'm a big fan of Copyleft, such that my art content is usually under a copyleft license, Tom.
(06/05 22:50:27)  Lynnutte: lol
(06/05 22:50:28)  OHBJECTION!: and ohbot should have a column
(06/05 22:50:32)  Christian Walther: less than three copies left?
(06/05 22:50:34)  GoMe Marten: OHB> Shocking, I am so shocked at your ideas :)
(06/05 22:50:42)  OHBJECTION!: he'll fill it with his usual drivel
(06/05 22:50:51)  Kaelis Ebonrai: thanks, christian =P
(06/05 22:50:53)  janaba: yes OHB :-)
(06/05 22:50:56)  Pokemon71096: "D'ni umm.
(06/05 22:51:03)  Pokemon71096: cant think of a name
(06/05 22:51:11)  Pokemon71096: i lied about having one
(06/05 22:51:13)  Lynnutte: I think we should call it "Some More"
(06/05 22:51:16)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I personally liked The Spelunker. =P
(06/05 22:51:26)  Pokemon71096: i thot the othr\er idea on the spot
(06/05 22:51:36)  Pokemon71096: ya Speluler
(06/05 22:51:38)  OHBJECTION!: How about "The Daily Linker"?
(06/05 22:51:52)  Pokemon71096: it would also be a reference to Spelunx
(06/05 22:51:57)  Rilo: was about to write that one lol
(06/05 22:51:57)  GoMe Marten: Ooh, I like that.  (Linker.)
(06/05 22:52:00)  Gabby: Dini'ets?
(06/05 22:52:03)  TomVal: <a href="...anything...">
(06/05 22:52:26)  Pokemon71096: "The BAhro Times"
(06/05 22:52:35)  Lynnutte: can bahro read?
(06/05 22:52:40)  Rilo: The Cavern Post
(06/05 22:52:42)  OHBJECTION!: yep
(06/05 22:52:46)  Lynnutte: I like that one
(06/05 22:52:47)  Rilo: bahro write books
(06/05 22:52:50)  Pokemon71096: "From the Desk of Atrus"
(06/05 22:52:53)  Lynnutte: true. lol
(06/05 22:52:54)  Allan White: Let's write in Bahroglyphs, then.
(06/05 22:52:56)  OHBJECTION!: NO!!!!!!!! It should be called "The Daily Objection"
(06/05 22:53:03)  Lynnutte: I OHBJECT!
(06/05 22:53:06)  Pokemon71096: OBJECTION OVERRULED
(06/05 22:53:10)  Lynnutte: LOL
(06/05 22:53:17)  Kaelis Ebonrai: the bahro weave cloths, and make stone tablets >.>
(06/05 22:53:17)  Musica2: The D'ni Voice
(06/05 22:53:18)  Tanshin: Don't you mean OHBJECTION OVERRULED
(06/05 22:53:21)  Pokemon71096: that would be more like a ace attorney mag
(06/05 22:53:21)  GoMe Marten: Anyone curious to offer more suggestions, there is a "Relaunch" forum in the "GoMe Newspaper" portion of our forum. :)
(06/05 22:53:26)  Lynnutte: I like that too Musica
(06/05 22:53:31)  Marcus Wheeler: The Great Scream?
(06/05 22:53:46) Gabby laughs
(06/05 22:53:48)  Pokemon71096: no one can hear u inside the earth
(06/05 22:53:56)  GoMe Marten: Musica> DMom has a claim on that name. :)
(06/05 22:54:04)  Pokemon71096: "Kerath's Times"
(06/05 22:54:08)  fallcer37: Have a naming contest
(06/05 22:54:08)  Gabby: So nice to hear so many ideas
(06/05 22:54:13)  janaba: I'm for The D'ni Voice as well :-)
(06/05 22:54:28)  Kaelis Ebonrai: The D'ni Voice is... uh
(06/05 22:54:30)  janaba: a claim?
(06/05 22:54:32)  Pokemon71096: wait doesnt that already exist
(06/05 22:54:32)  Gabby: Hold a vote
(06/05 22:54:34)  Musica2: how about "The D'ni Word"
(06/05 22:54:37)  Abjab: "The Daily Scream" ?
(06/05 22:54:49)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Held by DMon. =P
(06/05 22:54:51)  janaba: ahh, oh my, I remember :-)
(06/05 22:54:51)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *DMom
(06/05 22:54:55)  Marcus Wheeler: The Daily Zandi?
(06/05 22:54:59)  Pokemon71096: "Stuck in the D'ni"
(06/05 22:55:13)  Allan White: We'll start a poll on that on the GoMe forum, I guess.
(06/05 22:55:18)  Gabby: Through the ages of time
(06/05 22:55:21)  Marcus Wheeler: Hehe, should be fun
(06/05 22:55:27)  Musica2: Then it would have to be called "Zandi's Folly" Marcus
(06/05 22:55:27)  janaba: yeah, for a poll!!! :-)
(06/05 22:55:28)  GoMe Marten: Shorah, Whilyam.
(06/05 22:55:30) Marcus Wheeler claps his hands
(06/05 22:55:31)  Gabby: S
(06/05 22:55:32) OHBJECTION! is using URU BabelBot...                                   
(06/05 22:55:33)  Pokemon71096: Isnt the dni word already exist
(06/05 22:55:34)  Allan White: Shorah back, Lunanne.
(06/05 22:55:35) Whilyam waves hello
(06/05 22:55:37)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Ahoy, Whil!
(06/05 22:55:42)  Luna(nne): soory my laptop battery decided to die
(06/05 22:55:52)  janaba: hey Whilyam :-)
(06/05 22:56:02)  GoMe Marten: Well, anyway - we are looking for suggestions and are pleased to hear so many even now :)
(06/05 22:56:12)  Gabby: Lol
(06/05 22:56:12)  Pokemon71096: DOESNT THE DNI VOICE ALREADY EXIST?
(06/05 22:56:19)  OHBJECTION!: yes
(06/05 22:56:26)  GoMe Marten: Pokemon> Yes, it does.  It's Dmom's publication.  We won't infringe on that.
(06/05 22:56:33)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Whil: I hear the Bahro Can't Decide - whether you should live or die? >.>
(06/05 22:56:37) Whilyam points
(06/05 22:56:37)  Whilyam: OHBJECTION!
(06/05 22:56:38)  Pokemon71096: "Kerath's Wrath"
(06/05 22:56:40)  Kaelis Ebonrai: sorry, injoke.
(06/05 22:56:45)  OHBJECTION!: STFU!
(06/05 22:56:47)  OHBJECTION!: :)
(06/05 22:56:51)  Whilyam: NO U!
(06/05 22:56:55)  OHBJECTION!: lol
(06/05 22:56:58)  Kaelis Ebonrai: The Bevin OHBJECTION!
(06/05 22:56:58)  Marcus Wheeler: . . .
(06/05 22:57:10)  OHBJECTION!: HOOD ohbection!
(06/05 22:57:11) Pokemon71096 does te Robot so he can join the Guild of Robots
(06/05 22:57:12)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Sorry, this is a bit of an injoke. =P
(06/05 22:57:30)  GoMe Marten: Lynnutte has resumed leadership of the Cavern Criers, as I mentioned earlier.  Lynnutte is also the original founder of the group.  Lynnutte, did you want to say a few things about that?
(06/05 22:57:30)  D'Ana: i would like to advertise in the paper for my shop The Bahro Pizza Hut, behind the table in Ae'gura
(06/05 22:57:36)  Pokemon71096: uncle ray's pupu1
(06/05 22:57:44)  Lynnutte: About the cavern criers?
(06/05 22:57:49)  GoMe Marten: Yes :)
(06/05 22:57:53) TomVal is using URU BabelBot...                                   
(06/05 22:58:04)  Lynnutte: Well, for those that don't know about the Cavern Criers...
(06/05 22:58:21)  Lynnutte: We pass out information about events and groups and such in a KI mail.
(06/05 22:59:06)  Lynnutte: We are always looking for people to help us pass out these KI mails, so if you are interested, please contact me or anyone else in the guild.
(06/05 22:59:18)  Lynnutte: You can also leave a message on the GoMe website.
(06/05 22:59:29)  OHBJECTION!: Bahro Pizza? I don't want a pizza topped with grilled bahro!
(06/05 22:59:31)  Pokemon71096: Oooh! I have a name!
(06/05 22:59:43)  Lynnutte: That's it for me. lol
(06/05 22:59:47)  OHBJECTION!: yes you do. it's pokemon
(06/05 22:59:48)  Whilyam: Is it canon?!
(06/05 22:59:54)  Pokemon71096: "The Descent Gazette"
(06/05 23:00:02)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Too late, its canon now, Whil!
(06/05 23:00:08)  janaba: lol
(06/05 23:00:12)  Pokemon71096: ?
(06/05 23:00:16)  OHBJECTION!: I still vote for "The Daily Objection"
(06/05 23:00:24)  Lynnutte: I still OHBJECT. lol
(06/05 23:00:26)  Whilyam: "What would RAWA do?"
(06/05 23:00:33) Lynnutte starts to laugh
(06/05 23:00:34)  OHBJECTION!: lol
(06/05 23:00:35)  Tanshin: Let's get a wingrovism for this
(06/05 23:00:35) Marcus Wheeler nervously checks KI watch
(06/05 23:00:41)  Marcus Wheeler: Sorry guys, I'm going to have to clock out
(06/05 23:00:42)  Abjab: Naww..The KIREK Objection
(06/05 23:00:43)  Tanshin: How about the Mid East Press?
(06/05 23:00:44)  OHBJECTION!: HAHA!
(06/05 23:00:46)  Abjab: Kirel
(06/05 23:00:52)  Kaelis Ebonrai: LOL
(06/05 23:00:53)  Lynnutte: Bye Marcus
(06/05 23:00:54)  OHBJECTION!: HAHAHAH!
(06/05 23:00:59)  Tanshin: Bye Marcus!
(06/05 23:01:01) OHBJECTION! is laughing so hard
(06/05 23:01:01)  Marcus Wheeler: I'll be around tomorrow hopefully, and hopefully I'll see you all there
(06/05 23:01:09)  Pokemon71096: "Ohbot Times"
(06/05 23:01:14)  GoMe Marten: I think that's it for the Messengers.  So, today, we've heard from Subterranean Restorations, the Maintainers, the Writers, the Greeters, the Guild of Robots, and the Messengers.  Anyone else have a group they wish to represent?
(06/05 23:01:20)  janaba: bye Marcus :-)
(06/05 23:01:35)  OHBJECTION!: The Guild of Ohbjectors would like to take the stage to announce their OWN newspaper...
(06/05 23:01:36)  GoMe Marten: Thanks for attending (and helping to run things), Marcus!
(06/05 23:01:37)  Pokemon71096: umm i sorta do...
(06/05 23:02:00)  Pokemon71096: Can someone give info on newbs who want to join a guild?
(06/05 23:02:12)  Luna(nne): go to the guilds forum
(06/05 23:02:13)  Allan White: That's what this fair's for.
(06/05 23:02:19)  janaba: oh, missed SR and Maintainers... did anybody log this all?
(06/05 23:02:21)  Luna(nne): all take members except the greeters
(06/05 23:02:22)  Pokemon71096: thx
(06/05 23:02:27)  OHBJECTION!: Pokemon, if you want to join a guild, speak to a member of that guild. each group as different policies
(06/05 23:02:33)  Allan White: I did janaba.
(06/05 23:02:36)  OHBJECTION!: *has
(06/05 23:02:36)  Tanshin: The GoMe is located at http://guildofmessengers.com
(06/05 23:02:37)  Pokemon71096: thx
(06/05 23:02:40)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I logged it at well.
(06/05 23:02:43)  GoMe Marten: A link to the log will be posted on the Myst Online forum soon :)
(06/05 23:02:46)  janaba: oh, wonderful, Allan :-)
(06/05 23:02:47)  Luna(nne): okay
(06/05 23:02:48)  Tanshin: Don't remember the others at the moment
(06/05 23:02:49)  Pokemon71096: I M NT INTERESTTED INGOME
(06/05 23:02:58)  Allan White: Or http://rel.to/gome alternatively.
(06/05 23:03:00)  Tanshin: Calm down Pokemon
(06/05 23:03:05)  Luna(nne): you can talk without capslock
(06/05 23:03:06)  Pokemon71096: sorry kj
(06/05 23:03:08)  GoMe Marten: Pokemon, which guild, or are you asking more generally?
(06/05 23:03:14)  Tanshin: I'd imagine that rel.to has the other guilds on it...
(06/05 23:03:17) janaba claps and cheers for and thanks the Messengers :-)
(06/05 23:03:21)  Pokemon71096: Well writers mainlt
(06/05 23:03:23)  Luna(nne): yes it has
(06/05 23:03:23) janaba claps her hands
(06/05 23:03:24) OHBJECTION! continues to laugh
(06/05 23:03:46)  Pokemon71096: but GoMa sound nice too. and GoC
(06/05 23:04:13)  GoMe Marten: The Writers can be found at guildofwriters.com, and the maintainers at guildofmaintainers.org.  I always get the .com and .org (and .net) addresses confused, so you can also use http://rel.to/gow and http://rel.to/goma to reach each, respectively.
(06/05 23:04:36)  OHBJECTION!: guildogreeters.com too
(06/05 23:04:38)  OHBJECTION!: *of
(06/05 23:04:48)  Tanshin: Guild o Greeters?
(06/05 23:04:54)  Tanshin: That should be our name next St. Pat's day
(06/05 23:04:56)  OHBJECTION!: guildogreeters is only for irish people. everyone else goes to guildOFgreeters.com
(06/05 23:05:04) Pokemon71096 laughs
(06/05 23:05:11)  Lynnutte: LOL
(06/05 23:05:14) White Knight smiles
(06/05 23:05:18)  GoMe Marten: Messengers are at guildofmessengers.com, Greeters at guildofgreeters.com (or, greetersguild.com).... those are http://rel.to/gome and http://rel.to/gog respectively.
(06/05 23:05:21) janaba starts to laugh
(06/05 23:05:22) D'Ana starts to laugh
(06/05 23:05:30)  Pokemon71096: and crtographers?
(06/05 23:05:37)  Allan White: They're dead.
(06/05 23:05:38)  cscarlett73@att.net (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(06/05 23:05:41)  Allan White: Umm, I mean...
(06/05 23:05:42) Pokemon71096 omg
(06/05 23:05:45)  Kaelis Ebonrai: the exist.. sorta.
(06/05 23:05:47)  OHBJECTION!: OHBot is Irish. His name's from the old Irish o'Hbot
(06/05 23:05:50)  Kaelis Ebonrai: but not really. =P
(06/05 23:05:52)  Luna(nne): nalatas is a cartographer I think
(06/05 23:05:53) From GoMe Marten: Cartographers are at www.cates-associates.net/uru - or you can use http://rel.to/goc
(06/05 23:05:58)  Allan White: ...They aren't too many people there.
(06/05 23:05:59)  Kaelis Ebonrai: he's about the only one.
(06/05 23:06:01)  Pokemon71096: who?
(06/05 23:06:02)  Luna(nne): but indeed they don't do a lot currently
(06/05 23:06:06)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *she's
(06/05 23:06:12)  GoMe Marten: Cartographers are at www.cates-associates.net/uru - or you can use http://rel.to/goc
(06/05 23:06:21)  Luna(nne): but  we shouldn't call them dead I thinl
(06/05 23:06:23)  Luna(nne): *think
(06/05 23:06:27)  Kaelis Ebonrai: ell...
(06/05 23:06:28)  Pokemon71096: rel.to is helpful
(06/05 23:06:30)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *well..
(06/05 23:06:37)  Allan White: Yeah... Their shirts survived...
(06/05 23:06:38)  Luna(nne): enough groups and websites have died already
(06/05 23:06:54)  Abjab: Publish a list of the Reltos at next Cavern Criers ?
(06/05 23:06:58)  GoMe Marten: You can also just visit http://rel.to/guilds and you'll find a list of those guilds, plus others.  And there are a lot of other organizations, listed at http://rel.to/groups
(06/05 23:07:07)  Abjab: ahhh
(06/05 23:07:10)  Pokemon71096: thnx
(06/05 23:07:10)  Tanshin: OH!
(06/05 23:07:15)  Tanshin: I meant to say this
(06/05 23:07:19)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Well, considering there is no activity.. i'd call that dead =P
(06/05 23:07:29)  Pokemon71096: let tansin talk
(06/05 23:07:36)  Tanshin: if I want to add something to rel.to, who do I talk to?
(06/05 23:07:42)  Whilyam: Marten
(06/05 23:07:45)  Luna(nne): Marten
(06/05 23:07:45)  Gabby: But yet you also have those that have gont through the caverns to watch its birth growth end and rebirth
(06/05 23:07:52)  Tanshin: When I get the Public Connection site up, I'll want it on there
(06/05 23:07:59)  GoMe Marten: Feel free to poke around the site.  And let me know if you have suggestions for rel.to, or if you have php and mysql programming knowledge and are interested in helping improve the site, contact me right away!
(06/05 23:08:23)  Gabby: They are still finding a way yes
(06/05 23:08:25)  Tanshin: I probably should talk about the status of the Public Connection
(06/05 23:08:35)  Luna(nne): and I have take a stroll on the Uru graveyard
(06/05 23:08:40)  Luna(nne): *taken
(06/05 23:08:47)  Tanshin: Currently you can see the in progress website at http://publicmoul.nintendoaddict.com
(06/05 23:08:53) OHBJECTION! is a PHP/MySQL developer. That's what makes OHBot work :)
(06/05 23:08:54)  Luna(nne): and don't think more groups should end there
(06/05 23:09:05)  TomVal: Guild of Cartographers made maps with cloths of garden ages
(06/05 23:09:07)  Pokemon71096: question1
(06/05 23:09:07)  Tanshin: RIght now links and accounts don't work, but I'm hoping to get the database backing in there soon
(06/05 23:09:20)  Pokemon71096: What does that group DO?
(06/05 23:09:24)  Tanshin: If I can't get with my friend to get it going, I may be talking to OHB
(06/05 23:09:27)  GoMe Marten: What is "Public Connection" and its purpose, Tanshin?  This is something I'd not heard about.
(06/05 23:09:35)  Pokemon71096: Tell the public about URU?
(06/05 23:09:51)  Tanshin: The Public Connection is a project that EccentricOne took on a little while back that offers a shared age for everbody to use
(06/05 23:09:55)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Luna: While I appreciate that many have gone that way before... to all intents and purposes, the GoC has, as well.
(06/05 23:10:07)  Tanshin: Right now we'll have multiple people running the avatar to be handling the invites
(06/05 23:10:22) Pokemon71096 does a dance
(06/05 23:10:23)  Whilyam: GoC had some talented people in it. Nice maps.
(06/05 23:10:29)  Tanshin: The purpose of the site is to see if somebody is using it as well as where to try and find it or contact it
(06/05 23:10:34)  Kaelis Ebonrai: It really did, yeah, Whil :<
(06/05 23:10:35)  Whilyam: Problem is no one's there anymore.
(06/05 23:10:55) Abjab cannot say enough for the GoCartographers talent
(06/05 23:11:00)  Pokemon71096: Y'know what group i miss? MIRI.
(06/05 23:11:04)  GoMe Marten: (Anyone wanting to know more about GoC or wanting to help revitalize it should probably contact Nalates.)
(06/05 23:11:09)  Abjab: NO..Nalates is
(06/05 23:11:17)  Tanshin: That'll hopefully be complete and ready to go soon (within the next month I hope)
(06/05 23:11:31)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Abjab: hm?
(06/05 23:11:34)  Christian Walther: Tanshin, there was someone else doing that already... have you talked to him, or has he gone missing? Kenguin, I think?
(06/05 23:11:45)  Tanshin: As far as I know he was missing
(06/05 23:11:50) Luna(nne) thinks we should not discourage people whoa re interested in the Cartographers
(06/05 23:11:52)  Tanshin: That's what I gathered from the topic on the forum
(06/05 23:12:03)  Christian Walther: OK
(06/05 23:12:06) Abjab refers all to the GoCartographers 'Constitution' definitions..everyone should use it
(06/05 23:12:14)  Tanshin: I pretty much only know from when Eccentric took it on and forward
(06/05 23:12:43)  Luna(nne): but I should be going
(06/05 23:12:47) Luna(nne) waves goodbye
(06/05 23:12:53) Allan White waves goodbye
(06/05 23:12:59)  Allan White: Bye Lunanne
(06/05 23:13:04)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Abjab: I don't understand?
(06/05 23:13:05)  janaba: bye bye Lunanne :-)
(06/05 23:13:12) Rilo waves goodbye
(06/05 23:13:12)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Byee, Luna!
(06/05 23:13:18)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Care to elaborate?
(06/05 23:13:23)  Tanshin: That's all I really have to say on that for now... it's under heavy development as well. But if anybody is interested in helping, do contact either me or EccentricOne. KI numbers can be found on the imager in Eastern Time Zone Bevin
(06/05 23:13:25)  OHBJECTION!: Tanshin, the website shows that the public avatar is 00000000.
(06/05 23:13:30)  Musica2: Bye Luna. Io'll send you a kI mail
(06/05 23:13:36)  Tanshin: That's because there isn't an official KI number yet
(06/05 23:13:40)  GoMe Marten: Folks, while Tanshiin is talking about Public Connection, could you please keep the GoC discussion private?
(06/05 23:13:41)  OHBJECTION!: k got it
(06/05 23:13:57)  Abjab: read Futographers Guild Policies on Home page of Go Cartographers
(06/05 23:14:01)  OHBJECTION!: We can discuss stuff about it after the meeting.
(06/05 23:14:01)  janaba: have to leave as well... thanks all you wonderful ones... what a great informative evening (my time lol)... Thanks and see ya all :-)
(06/05 23:14:02)  Kaelis Ebonrai: As I remember, the GoC discussion was happening earlier.
(06/05 23:14:08)  Kaelis Ebonrai: will do, Abjab.
(06/05 23:14:20)  Tanshin: I would put the current one up, but we're planning to remake the avatar on a a new account so this way Eccentric's isn't vulnerable
(06/05 23:14:22)  janaba: bye Marten :-)
(06/05 23:14:27) janaba waves goodbye
(06/05 23:14:38)  Tanshin: Bye janaba
(06/05 23:14:57)  Tanshin: Public's Bevin also doesn't exist yet (as far as I know)
(06/05 23:15:49) Pokemon71096 would like to remind everyone that he ahs a party and all are invited! It is tommorow (Sunday) in his eder gira 15:30 KI time. contact him for an invite.
(06/05 23:15:57)  Pokemon71096: Sorry
(06/05 23:16:04)  Pokemon71096: Long pause
(06/05 23:16:05)  Tanshin: We'll have to spread that around!
(06/05 23:16:18) GoMe Marten finds the forum thread for EccentricOne's original posting - http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=21162
(06/05 23:16:19) Tanshin recommends posting something on the GoMe about it :whistles:
(06/05 23:16:21)  Gabby: Thank you for your information
(06/05 23:17:05)  fallcer37: Will there be any type record of this meeting/??
(06/05 23:17:06)  GoMe Marten: Pokemon, if you PM me the information I'll make sure it gets added to our calendar and to the Events KImail.
(06/05 23:17:24)  Allan White: Yes, it will be on the GoMe website.
(06/05 23:17:26) Gabby cheers
(06/05 23:17:27)  Pokemon71096: Well its tommorow so
(06/05 23:17:28)  Tanshin: But once the Public project is done, we'll let people know who already have invites what to do with the new avatar, as well as announce that it's up
(06/05 23:17:45)  GoMe Marten: A log of this meeting will be posted later this weekend, at both the GoMe website and also at the Myst Online Forums in the "Guild Fair" topic.
(06/05 23:18:46) Whilyam does a dance
(06/05 23:18:46)  Tanshin: As for helpers for the Public Avatar, you can let me or Eccentric know now, but nothing will probably happen until everything is organized
(06/05 23:18:53)  Tanshin: Unless you want to help with organizing of course!
(06/05 23:19:13)  Tanshin: But if there are no comments or questions...
(06/05 23:19:18) Tanshin will be stepping down
(06/05 23:19:31) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 23:19:45) fallcer37 claps his hands
(06/05 23:19:51) Whilyam claps her hands
(06/05 23:19:56) Kaelis Ebonrai claps his hands
(06/05 23:20:01)  Tanshin: I'll take that as no question sthen
(06/05 23:20:01) D'Ana claps her hands
(06/05 23:20:05)  GoMe Marten: I'm getting messaged that there's one more guild that wants to present.
(06/05 23:20:15) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 23:20:27) Whilyam claps Kaelis' hands
(06/05 23:20:29)  GoMe Marten: Guild of Peasants representative should be here shortly.
(06/05 23:20:38)  White Knight: Wow...
(06/05 23:20:43)  Pokemon71096: um peasants?
(06/05 23:20:43) White Knight feel important or something
(06/05 23:20:45) Gabby does a dance
(06/05 23:20:51)  White Knight: Yeah...
(06/05 23:20:53) White Knight waves hello
(06/05 23:20:55)  Tanshin: Shorah White Knight
(06/05 23:20:56)  Pokemon71096: Like Bahro guild?
(06/05 23:21:02) Gabby waves hello
(06/05 23:21:06)  White Knight: Heh, that's not too far off, actually
(06/05 23:21:07)  Pokemon71096: Shorah 9(sorry for rude)
(06/05 23:21:08) fallcer37 claps his hands
(06/05 23:21:20)  GoMe Marten: White Knight is here to talk about the Guild of Peasants!
(06/05 23:21:31)  Tanshin: So, what does your level feel like today? Have you improved since we last talked?
(06/05 23:21:33) Rilo claps his hands
(06/05 23:21:55)  White Knight: I sure have.  :)
(06/05 23:22:00)  Tanshin: Well congrats!
(06/05 23:22:11)  Pokemon71096: Oooh touch his shirt
(06/05 23:22:18)  White Knight: How is everyone else doing with understanding and applying the Life Levels?
(06/05 23:22:29)  Gabby: ???
(06/05 23:22:32)  Pokemon71096: live levels?
(06/05 23:22:34)  TomVal: No idea what's that
(06/05 23:22:39) Tanshin thinks that Knight should explain
(06/05 23:22:47)  White Knight: I have KImails...
(06/05 23:22:49)  Gabby: Yes please
(06/05 23:22:54)  Whilyam: Explain! Explain! Explain!
(06/05 23:22:54)  White Knight: Sorry...slow typing...
(06/05 23:23:12)  Nettey: Give him time to type it
(06/05 23:23:15)  White Knight: The website is www.GoPeasants.blogspot.com
(06/05 23:23:50)  White Knight: Here are a truck-load of KImails that explain it, though...just say whether you want them or not
(06/05 23:23:59)  Pokemon71096: Yes plz
(06/05 23:24:00)  TomVal: ok, have a nice day/night, I'm off to sleep
(06/05 23:24:10)  TomVal: Send me those KImails please
(06/05 23:24:10)  Allan White: Good night TomVal
(06/05 23:24:16)  mwa: yes
(06/05 23:24:35)  TomVal: thx for KIMails
(06/05 23:24:43)  Rilo: Ill take some
(06/05 23:24:50)  Pokemon71096: Thx
(06/05 23:25:06)  Gabby: Blogspot.com
(06/05 23:25:13) TomVal waves goodbye
(06/05 23:25:20)  Gabby: Oops sorry
(06/05 23:25:39)  Pokemon71096: Um is this some self help program
(06/05 23:25:56)  White Knight: No, keep reading...
(06/05 23:26:09)  Pokemon71096: I did.... bu ***** is a good idea
(06/05 23:26:18)  Pokemon71096: 8but it
(06/05 23:26:36) White Knight has lost track of what KImails he has and hasn't send out, or to whom...
(06/05 23:26:50)  White Knight: Ok, here goes the explanation...
(06/05 23:26:52)  Pokemon71096: um wouldnt being i a guild make you a noble?
(06/05 23:27:03)  Pokemon71096: *in a guild
(06/05 23:27:14)  Nettey: not necessarily
(06/05 23:27:16)  White Knight: Ironically, in this case no
(06/05 23:27:22)  Pokemon71096: Ok
(06/05 23:28:01) Pokemon71096 cannot resist and touches the Journey CLoth oh White Knight's shirt
(06/05 23:28:06)  White Knight: Peasants = regular people; We are regular people making sure in our every-day lives that we do not repeat D'ni's mistakes
(06/05 23:28:06)  Nettey: lol
(06/05 23:28:16)  Pokemon71096: Yes.
(06/05 23:28:30) Gabby cheers
(06/05 23:28:32)  Pokemon71096: nO A"GAERISES!
(06/05 23:29:18)  White Knight: we grow in what are called Life Levels as a means to make ourselves better people, and in turn make the whole world better
(06/05 23:29:22) Pokemon71096 cheers but stops due to the awkward long silence
(06/05 23:30:17)  White Knight: We study the Life Level system, teach it to others, and work every moment of our lives to raise ourselves from whatever Life Level we are currently at,to the next higher one
(06/05 23:30:41)  White Knight: Hang on a sec...
(06/05 23:30:50)  Pokemon71096: So is this not just an ingame thing?
(06/05 23:31:04)  White Knight: Both in-game and out of it, too
(06/05 23:31:08)  White Knight: Yeah
(06/05 23:31:17)  Pokemon71096: Um nice idea but starting to sound like a cult
(06/05 23:31:26)  Gabby: Can you give an example?
(06/05 23:31:43)  Nettey: it's not a cult or a religion
(06/05 23:31:43)  White Knight: We meet every Saturday (at about this time, actually...) to discuss the Life Levels, the Guild in general, or just stuff :)
(06/05 23:31:45)  Pokemon71096: No offense
(06/05 23:31:52)  White Knight: None taken
(06/05 23:31:59)  Pokemon71096: Oh good
(06/05 23:32:04) White Knight smiles
(06/05 23:32:06)  Pokemon71096: Not cult or religion
(06/05 23:32:08)  Nettey: I thought that too until I looked deeper Pokemon
(06/05 23:32:15)  Pokemon71096: Just checking...
(06/05 23:32:53)  White Knight: netty, if you could take the lead for a moment, just based on what you've read, then I'll return to sending out KImails that explain all of this.  is that ok?
(06/05 23:33:04)  Pokemon71096: (no ood cult leader would advertise in a game with a small "cultt" folllowing)
(06/05 23:33:25)  Nettey: Me?
(06/05 23:33:26) White Knight is a horrible cult leader ;)
(06/05 23:33:32) Nettey swallows hard.
(06/05 23:33:41)  Nettey: I'm also a horrble follower
(06/05 23:33:41)  White Knight: Only if that's ok...you don't have to, tho...
(06/05 23:33:48) Pokemon71096 laughs at the uru cult
(06/05 23:33:51)  White Knight: no you're not :)
(06/05 23:33:53)  Nettey: Ok, from what I've read...
(06/05 23:34:16)  White Knight: And sorry, everyone, if you end up getting two of the same KImails from me...
(06/05 23:34:25)  Nettey: We study the words of Yeesha, the Watcher etc. and see how they apply to our real lives and online lives.
(06/05 23:34:37)  Pokemon71096: Who is the watcher?
(06/05 23:34:45)  Allan White: A prophet.
(06/05 23:34:49)  Nettey: Instead of what would Atrus do, it's more like what would Yeesha do.
(06/05 23:35:01)  Nettey: An in game prophet
(06/05 23:35:08)  Pokemon71096: Atrus freed the relyimah!
(06/05 23:35:15)  GoMe Marten: (You can find the Words of the Watcher in the Watcher's Sanctuary, upstairs, near the closed door.  Link from the Nexus.)
(06/05 23:35:22)  Nettey: Yes he did.
(06/05 23:35:23)  Pokemon71096: tHATS LIKE ABE LINOLN!
(06/05 23:35:30)  Pokemon71096: He is good guy.
(06/05 23:35:38)  Pokemon71096: Thx
(06/05 23:35:41)  Nettey: Don't get me wrong, Atrus was a great man.
(06/05 23:35:46)  Pokemon71096: Sorry
(06/05 23:35:54)  Nettey: A had many good things to teach.
(06/05 23:36:03)  Nettey: But he's not the only good teacher here.
(06/05 23:36:12)  Gabby: So true
(06/05 23:36:14) Pokemon71096 woots for Atrus and Yeesha
(06/05 23:36:58)  GoMe Marten: I'm afraid I have to take my leave; if there are any other presentations following, please let Allan here know.  Thanks everyone for coming!
(06/05 23:37:00)  Nettey: We try to apply all the teachings found in the game to how wre interact with each other and with ourselves.
(06/05 23:37:07)  Nettey: Bye Maten
(06/05 23:37:38)  Pokemon71096: Bye
(06/05 23:37:52)  Nettey: To put it bluntly, some of us try to make sure we don't get too big for our britches.
(06/05 23:37:58)  White Knight: Ok, that should do it for now!  Whew!
(06/05 23:38:05)  Nettey: and the way we do that is with the Life levels.
(06/05 23:38:10)  Nettey: lol ok.
(06/05 23:38:23) White Knight was paying so much attention to sending KImails that he's kinda lost in his own Guild, now...
(06/05 23:38:42)  Abjab: Thank you Nettey
(06/05 23:38:47)  Pokemon71096: Woop1
(06/05 23:38:48)  Allan White: Are there any questions to the GoP?
(06/05 23:39:01)  Pokemon71096: ha republicans
(06/05 23:39:01) White Knight is sure there are or will be plenty
(06/05 23:39:05) Gabby claps her hands
(06/05 23:39:18)  White Knight: "GoP" was a complete coinsidence
(06/05 23:39:31) White Knight shrugs
(06/05 23:39:34) Pokemon71096 does not think so
(06/05 23:39:44) White Knight knows so :)
(06/05 23:39:45)  Pokemon71096: jk, jk
(06/05 23:39:47)  Allan White: Okay, no more questions as I take it.
(06/05 23:39:58)  White Knight: Check out the website, tho
(06/05 23:40:03) White Knight waves goodbye
(06/05 23:40:04)  Allan White: Thanks to the two of you.
(06/05 23:40:10) Nettey bows
(06/05 23:40:12) Allan White claps his hands
(06/05 23:40:16)  Abjab: I know..don't think I'm not sympathetic, Ebopnrai
(06/05 23:40:22) fallcer37 claps his hands
(06/05 23:40:27) Polgara claps her hands
(06/05 23:40:35) Gabby cheers
(06/05 23:40:40) Kaelis Ebonrai cheers
(06/05 23:40:45)  Allan White: Is there any other group who hasn't been represented yet and wants to?
(06/05 23:40:59)  Allan White: I guess not.
(06/05 23:41:09)  Allan White: So, thanks for coming!
(06/05 23:41:22)  Abjab: Many Thanks All...well worth coming
(06/05 23:41:31)  Allan White: Was a nice meeting.
(06/05 23:41:32)  Gabby: On behalf of yesha thank you and shorah
(06/05 23:41:33)  Pokemon71096: Wasnt even trying to.
(06/05 23:41:38)  Allan White: Albeit a long one.
(06/05 23:41:45)  Pokemon71096: Shorah
(06/05 23:41:51)  Allan White: So, I'll see you next month!
(06/05 23:41:52)  Gabby (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(06/05 23:41:52)  Christian Walther (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(06/05 23:41:58)  Musica2: so... what shall we do now Allan?
(06/05 23:41:59) Pokemon71096 claps his hands
(06/05 23:42:02)  Allan White: Shorah b'shemtee.
(06/05 23:42:04) ...Chat.log stopped.

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